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2. MUFI character recommendation (OEH)

Although the ultimate goal of the MUFI group is to add a representative and well defined inventory of medieval characters to the Unicode Standard it will be necessary to assign characters to the Private Use Area for some time. In order to establish a coordinated usage of this area, the MUFI group has published a recommendation for the selection of characters from the Unicode Standard and for characters to be assigned to the Private Use Area. This recommendation coordinates the usage of the PUA with several other fonts and font projects, notably the TITUS project and Junicode.

The first version of this recommendation was published in 2003, the second in 2006, the third in 2009, and the fourth in 2015. The fourth version contains 1512 characters (of which 782 have been selected from various charts in the official part of the Standard, and 730 are located in the Private Use Area). It is compliant with v. 8.0 of the Unicode Standard and has a persistent URI at the University Library in Bergen: (published 22 December 2015)

Previous versions of the MUFI character recommendation can be downloaded here:

MUFI character recommendation (all versions) — See below

As a preparation for v. 3.0 and v. 4.0 of the recommendation, pipelines with new characters have been published:

Proposals for new MUFI characters — See below

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1. MUFI character recommendations (OEH)

-. New characters in the MUFI Character Recommendation v. 4.0 (OEH)

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