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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Vol. VIII. Poetry in the fornaldarsǫgur

1. Contents
2. Volume Editor’s Preface and Acknowledgements (MCR)
3. General Abbreviations (MCR)
4. Sigla used in this Volume (TW)
5. Technical Terms (MCR)
6. The Contributors (MCR)
7. Introduction (MCR)
A. Bibliography (HB)
B. Index of First Lines (TW)
C. Indices of Names and Terms (MCR)
Y. Sigla list supplement

(Vol. VIII. Poetry in the fornaldarsǫgur > C. Indices of Names and Terms)

C. Indices of Names and Terms (MCR)

Note: Many of the names in the following lists cannot be precisely identified either with individuals, groups or locations of the Viking-Age and medieval periods or with modern peoples and places. Some names, particularly those of non-Germanic origin, appear in various spellings; in such cases all forms of the names used are listed, followed by the standard English form of the name, if there is one, or the standard form of the name in the most closely related modern language.

A high proportion of the names belong to the category Mythical, Biblical and Legendary Names, while very few can be securely classified under Personal Names. Within the category of mythical names, the same name often appears in more than one source text, though for different characters, and sometimes more than once in a single source for apparently different characters. The name Ásmundr, for example, has three separate entries for three different characters. Many of the names in the mythical category have nicknames attributed to them in the prose texts in which they appear, but these are only listed under the separate category of Nicknames if the nicknames themselves actually appear in the poetic texts, either on their own or together with the character’s given name.

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1. Mythical, Biblical and Legendary Names (MCR)

2. Personal Names (MCR)

3. Nicknames (MCR)

4. Ethnic and Regional Names (including names of royal dynasties) (MCR)

5. Place Names (MCR)

6. Miscellaneous Names (MCR)

7. Indigenous Terms (MCR)

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