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Spacing Modifier Letters

In the Unicode Standard v. 5.1, this range has 80 characters. The selection below contains 9 modifying letters. Note that these letters are spacing, i.e. occupying a separate position on the base line. Combining diacritical marks are listed in the next section.

Glyph EntityNumericCodepoint ChartDescriptionVersion Andron
MUFI: 3.0
LATIN ABBREVIATION SIGN APOSTROPHE — The ordinary apostrophe, 0027 APOSTROPHE, has been listed in section 5 below. We recommend that the character 02BC should be used to encode ab- breviations, and that 0027 should be used in all other contexts.
02C8&verbarup;ˈ02C8SpModLetMODIFIER LETTER VERTICAL LINEUni.: 5.1
MUFI: 3.0
02D8˘˘02D8SpModLetBREVEUni.: 5.1
MUFI: 3.0
02D9˙˙02D9SpModLetDOT ABOVEUni.: 5.1
MUFI: 3.0
02DA˚˚02DASpModLetRING ABOVEUni.: 5.1
MUFI: 3.0
02DB˛˛02DBSpModLetOGONEKUni.: 5.1
MUFI: 3.0
02DC˜˜02DCSpModLetSMALL TILDEUni.: 5.1
MUFI: 3.0
MUFI: 3.0
02E3&xmod;ˣ02E3SpModLetMODIFIER LETTER SMALL XUni.: 5.1
MUFI: 3.0
This character is used to indicate paper manuscripts by the Ordbog over det norrøne prosasprog project in Copenhagen and by the international Old Norse skaldic project. Since it easily can be confused with superscript Roman numeral ‘x’ it should either be designed with a cursive form, or there should be a cursive (italic) counterpart to this character in the typeface.
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