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Miscellaneous Technical

Four metrical characters have been selected from this range, which contains a total of 232 characters in the Unicode Standard v. 5.1. The metrical characters are an addition in v. 4.1 and were proposed by the Thesaurus Linguae Graeca (TLG) project. In addition to the four metrical characters listed below, it should be noted that the anceps, ×, can be identified with MULTIPLICATION SIGN (00D7) in Latin-1 Supplement and the symbol for long syllable (longum) can be identified with FIGURE DASH (2012) or EN DASH (2013) in General Punctuation. All of these characters can be combined with COMBINING ACUTE AC- CENT (0301), COMBINING GRAVE ACCENT (0300) and COMBINING DOUBLE ACUTE ACCENT (030B) in Combining Diacritical Marks in order to indicate stress and alliterative patterns. However, for those who would like to use precomposed metrical characters, there is a full selection in the Private Use Area, subrange 10 below (p. 132–136).

Glyph EntityNumericCodepoint ChartDescriptionVersion Andron
23D1&metrshort;⏑23D1MiscTechMETRICAL BREVEUni.: 5.1
MUFI: 3.0
23D2&metrshortlong;⏒23D2MiscTechMETRICAL LONG OVER SHORTUni.: 5.1
MUFI: 3.0
23D3&metrlongshort;⏓23D3MiscTechMETRICAL SHORT OVER LONGUni.: 5.1
MUFI: 3.0
23D4&metrdblshortlong;⏔23D4MiscTechMETRICAL LONG OVER TWO SHORTSUni.: 5.1
MUFI: 3.0
Precomposed characters
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