Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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This is the kenning index generated from the edited verses in the database. Unpublished material (in the lighter colour) may contain errors.

9134 kennings from 2969 verses.

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Sigurðr (23)

kennings for Sigurðr

dróttins Mœra. — ‘of the lord of the Mœrir.’ - NORWEGIAN KING
    (Anonymous Poems, Nóregs konungatal, 50, kenning 1)

þess hilmis Dœla — ‘of that lord of the Dœlir ’ - NORWEGIAN KING
    (Anonymous Poems, Nóregs konungatal, 52, kenning 1)

Þengill Mœra, — ‘Lord of the Mœrir, ’ - NORWEGIAN KING
    (Einarr Skúlason, Lausavísur, 1, kenning 1)

dróttin Dœla — ‘the lord of the Dœlir ’ - NORWEGIAN KING
    (Einarr Skúlason, Sigurðardrápa I, 5, kenning 1)

reiðorðr ræsir Rauma — ‘the clear-talking ruler of the Raumar ’ - NORWEGIAN KING
    (Einarr Skúlason, Sigurðardrápa II, 1, kenning 3)

ôttung Týs — ‘the kinsman of Týr <god> ’ -
    (Eyvindr skáldaspillir Finnsson, Háleygjatal, 10, kenning 3)

vinr drengja, — ‘the friend of the warriors, ’ -
    (Halldórr skvaldri, Útfarardrápa, 1, kenning 3)

menskerðir — ‘the necklace-diminisher ’ - GENEROUS MAN
    (Illugi bryndœlaskáld, Poem about Haraldr harðráði, 1, kenning 1)

Bani Vilhjalms, — ‘The slayer of Vilhjálmr, ’ -
    (Ívarr Ingimundarson, Sigurðarbálkr, 3, kenning 1)

Ræsir Þrœnda, — ‘The ruler of the Þrœndir, ’ - NORWEGIAN KING
    (Ívarr Ingimundarson, Sigurðarbálkr, 8, kenning 1)

mildum syni Magnúss — ‘the generous son of Magnús ’ -
    (Ívarr Ingimundarson, Sigurðarbálkr, 13, kenning 1)

syni buðlungs. — ‘to the sovereign’s son.’ -
    (Ívarr Ingimundarson, Sigurðarbálkr, 13, kenning 2)

syni Magnúss, — ‘the son of Magnús, ’ -
    (Ívarr Ingimundarson, Sigurðarbálkr, 14, kenning 1)

Harri Sygna — ‘The lord of the Sygnir ’ - NORWEGIAN KING
    (Ívarr Ingimundarson, Sigurðarbálkr, 32, kenning 1)

mildum syni Magnúss. — ‘the generous son of Magnús.’ -
    (Ívarr Ingimundarson, Sigurðarbálkr, 36, kenning 3)

sóknfœrr sonr skjǫldungs — ‘the battle-able son of the king ’ -
    (Ívarr Ingimundarson, Sigurðarbálkr, 41, kenning 1)

Dróttinn ýta — ‘The lord of men ’ - KING
    (Ívarr Ingimundarson, Sigurðarbálkr, 44, kenning 1)

glaðr sonr grams — ‘the glad-hearted son of the ruler ’ -
    (Sigurðr slembidjákn Magnússon, Lausavísa, 1, kenning 1)

Frændi Erlings — ‘The kinsman of Erlingr ’ -
    (Sturla Þórðarson, Hákonarflokkr, 3, kenning 4)

dauðan dólgstríði. — ‘the dead enemy-combatant. ’ - WARRIOR
    (Sturla Þórðarson, Hákonarflokkr, 6, kenning 1)

Folkrakkr þengill Þrœnda, — ‘Battle-brave lord of the Þrœndir, ’ - NORWEGIAN KING
    (Þórarinn stuttfeldr, Lausavísur, 2, kenning 1)

Snjallr jǫfurr Þrœnda — ‘The courageous prince of the Þrœndir ’ - NORWEGIAN KING
    (Þórarinn stuttfeldr, Stuttfeldardrápa, 3, kenning 1)

Hvatr fylkir Hǫrða, — ‘Swift ruler of the Hǫrðar, ’ - NORWEGIAN KING
    (Þórarinn stuttfeldr, Stuttfeldardrápa, 6, kenning 1)

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