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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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kenning index

This is the kenning index generated from the edited verses in the database. Unpublished material (in the lighter colour) may contain errors.

10317 kennings from 3304 verses.

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kennings for RAVENS

nafnar hrafns — ‘the namesakes of the raven ’ - RAVENS
    (1. Anonymous Poems, 3. Óláfs drápa Tryggvasonar, 22 [Vol. 1, 1053], kenning 1)

[edition and translation unpublished] - RAVENS
    (4. Einarr Gilsson, Guðmundarkvæði, 23, kenning 9)

svǫnum farmatýs, — ‘to the swans of the god of cargoes, ’ - RAVENS
    (1. 13. Eyvindr skáldaspillir Finnsson, 2. Háleygjatal, 9 [Vol. 1, 207], kenning 5)

gǫgl Yggs — ‘the goslings of Yggr <= Óðinn> ’ - RAVENS
    (3. 48. Gizurr svarti (gullbrárskáld) (biog. vol. 1), Fragment, 1 [Vol. 3, 192], kenning 3)

dǫkkvalir dolgbands — ‘the dark falcons of the battle-god ’ - RAVENS
    (1. 15. Glúmr Geirason, 3. Lausavísa, 1 [Vol. 1, 266], kenning 2)

hirð Hugins — ‘for the retinue of Huginn <raven> ’ - RAVENS
    (2. Grani skáld, Poem about Haraldr harðráði, 2 [Vol. 2, 298-9], kenning 1)

Veiðivitjar vals — ‘Hunting-visitors of the slain ’ - RAVENS
    ([error: assigned as individual verse to a vol > 4] [Vol. 8, 780], kenning 1)

svǫrt hjaldrgǫgl — ‘black battle-goslings ’ - RAVENS
    (3. Rǫgnvaldr jarl and Hallr Þórarinsson, Háttalykill, 39 [Vol. 3, 1047], kenning 4)

gunnstara, — ‘of battle-starlings, ’ - RAVENS
    (3. Snorri Sturluson, Háttatal, 92 [Vol. 3, 1201], kenning 4)

svartklædda dynhróka sóknar — ‘black-coated din-cormorants of battle ’ - RAVENS
    (2. Sturla Þórðarson, 3. Hrafnsmál, 9 [Vol. 2, 734-5], kenning 5)

Ferðar Hugins — ‘of the flock of Huginn <raven> ’ - RAVENS
    (1. 19. Tindr Hallkelsson, Hákonardrápa, 4 [Vol. 1, 345], kenning 3)

gǫglum Yggs — ‘to the geese of Yggr <= Óðinn>, ’ - RAVENS
    (1. 19. Tindr Hallkelsson, Hákonardrápa, 8 [Vol. 1, 351], kenning 1)

[edition and translation unpublished] - RAVENS
    (5. Eyrbyggja saga 5 (Þórarinn svarti máhlíðingr Þórólfsson, Máhlíðingavísur, 3), kenning 7)

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