Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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This is the kenning index generated from the edited verses in the database. Unpublished material (in the lighter colour) may contain errors.

9134 kennings from 2969 verses.

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Hrungnir (10)

kennings for Hrungnir

þjófs Þrúðar, — ‘of the thief of Þrúðr <goddess>, ’ -
    (Bragi inn gamli Boddason, Ragnarsdrápa, 1, kenning 2)

Finns fjalla. — ‘of the Finnr <Saami> of the mountains. ’ - GIANT
    (Þjóðólfr ór Hvini, Haustlǫng, 13, kenning 4)

b*ǫr hellis haugs Grjótúna. — ‘the tree of the cave of the mound of Grjótún. ’ - GIANT
    (Þjóðólfr ór Hvini, Haustlǫng, 14, kenning 2)

solgnum dolgi manna; — ‘the greedy enemy of men; ’ - GIANT
    (Þjóðólfr ór Hvini, Haustlǫng, 16, kenning 2)

vátt vagna myrkbeins reinar Haka — ‘the knower of killer whales of the dark bone of the land of Haki <sea-king> ’ - GIANT
    (Þjóðólfr ór Hvini, Haustlǫng, 16, kenning 3)

gæti bjarga; — ‘of the guardian of the rocks; ’ - GIANT
    (Þjóðólfr ór Hvini, Haustlǫng, 17, kenning 2)

Hraundrengr — ‘The rock-gentleman ’ - GIANT
    (Þjóðólfr ór Hvini, Haustlǫng, 17, kenning 3)

bolm fjalfrs ólágra gjalfra — ‘the bear of the hiding-place of not low roaring waters ’ - GIANT
    (Þjóðólfr ór Hvini, Haustlǫng, 18, kenning 3)

gramr grundar gilja — ‘the ruler of the land of ravines ’ - GIANT
    (Þjóðólfr ór Hvini, Haustlǫng, 18, kenning 6)

heimþingaðar herju Vingnis — ‘of the home-visitor of the female follower of Vingnir <giant> ’ - GIANT
    (Þjóðólfr ór Hvini, Haustlǫng, 19, kenning 1)

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