Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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kenning index

This is the kenning index generated from the edited poetry in the database. Unpublished material (in the lighter colour) may contain errors.

9134 kennings from 2969 stanzas.

generic named grouped

§93. God, angel (25)

kennings of type GOD, ANGEL

þjóðar mána stiettar — ‘of the people of the moon’s path ’ - ANGELS
    (Anonymous Poems, Drápa af Máríugrát, 26, kenning 2)

runna* láða* sunnu — ‘of the trees of the lands of the sun ’ - ANGELS
    (Anonymous Poems, Drápa af Máríugrát, 35, kenning 2)

allri sinni ágætri hirð dýrðar himna; — ‘all his famous retinue of the splendour of the heavens; ’ - ANGELS
    (Anonymous Poems, Drápa af Máríugrát, 45, kenning 2)

dáðstéttar dags lands. — ‘of the deed-host of day’s land.’ - ANGELS
    (Anonymous Poems, Leiðarvísan, 24, kenning 3)

gotna himins. — ‘of the men of heaven. ’ - ANGELS
    (Anonymous Poems, Leiðarvísan, 25, kenning 2)

Sendiboði sjaufalds anda — ‘The messenger of the sevenfold Spirit ’ - ANGEL
    (Anonymous Poems, Lilja, 27, kenning 1)

Öll hjörð hirðar … — ‘The entire flock of the court … ’ - ANGELS
    (Anonymous Poems, Máríudrápa, 6, kenning 1)

konungs byrstalls, — ‘of the king of the fair wind-pedestal, ’ - GOD
    (Anonymous Poems, Máríudrápa, 10, kenning 1)

hirðar himna. — ‘of the retinue of the heavens. ’ - ANGELS
    (Anonymous Poems, Máríudrápa, 23, kenning 1)

himna hirð — ‘of the convener of the retinue ’ - ANGELS
    (Anonymous Poems, Máríuflokkr, 1, kenning 5)

Sækir sannleiks — ‘The seeker of truth ’ - ANGEL
    (Anonymous Poems, Pétrsdrápa, 51, kenning 1)

ramr konungr Róms — ‘the strong king of Rome ’ - CHRIST
    (Eilífr Goðrúnarson, Fragment, 1, kenning 1)

Ferð hróts heims — ‘The host of the roof of the world ’ - ANGELS
    (Eilífr kúlnasveinn, Kristsdrápa, 1, kenning 1)

Hrein hirð dýrðar himna — ‘The pure retinue of the glory of the heavens ’ - ANGELS
    (Eilífr kúlnasveinn, Kristsdrápa, 2, kenning 1)

dróttar dýrðar — ‘of the company of glory ’ - ANGELS
    (Gamli kanóki, Harmsól, 36, kenning 2)

ferðar himna — ‘of the host of the heavens ’ - ANGELS
    (Gunnlaugr Leifsson, Merlínusspá I, 60, kenning 4)

himna her — ‘of the host of the heavens ’ - ANGELS
    (Kolbeinn Tumason, Jónsvísur, 5, kenning 2)

Gramr Jórðánar — ‘The prince of the Jordan ’ - CHRIST
    (Sigvatr Þórðarson, Erfidrápa Óláfs helga, 28, kenning 1)

Allar áttir Ingvi-Freys — ‘All the kin of Ingvi-Freyr ’ - GODS
    (Þjóðólfr ór Hvini, Haustlǫng, 10, kenning 2)

ôrum Yggs. — ‘the messengers of Yggr <= Óðinn>.’ - GODS
    (Þorbjǫrn dísarskáld, Poem about Þórr, 1, kenning 1)

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