Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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kenning index

This is the kenning index generated from the edited poetry in the database. Unpublished material (in the lighter colour) may contain errors.

9134 kennings from 2969 stanzas.

generic named grouped

§83. corpse, carrion, slain (31)

kennings of type CORPSE, CARRION, SLAIN

barri ulfa— — ‘wolves’ barley—’ - CORPSES
    (Arnórr jarlaskáld Þórðarson, Magnússdrápa, 11, kenning 1)

tuggu ulfs, — ‘on the wolf’s mouthful, ’ - CORPSE
    (Arnórr jarlaskáld Þórðarson, Þorfinnsdrápa, 9, kenning 1)

verð ulfs — ‘the wolf’s food ’ - CORPSES
    (Einarr skálaglamm Helgason, Lausavísur, 2a, kenning 1)

tafni ylgjar. — ‘the prey of the she-wolf. ’ - CORPSE
    (Einarr skálaglamm Helgason, Vellekla, 35, kenning 2)

fermu Hugins — ‘of Huginn’s <raven’s> food ’ - CORPSES
    (Einarr Skúlason, Fragments, 6, kenning 6)

beitu Gera; — ‘Geri’s <wolf’s> bait; ’ - CORPSES
    (Einarr Skúlason, Fragments, 8, kenning 2)

matr arnar — ‘food of the eagle ’ - CORPSES
    (Einarr Skúlason, Fragments, 8, kenning 3)

ôtu Hugins; — ‘with the food of Huginn <raven>; ’ - CORPSES
    (Einarr Skúlason, Geisli, 29, kenning 1)

marga fylli egðis. — ‘for many a full meal of the wolf. ’ - CORPSE
    (Eiríkr Ragnarsson, Lausavísur, 4, kenning 4)

grjóts Hjaðninga. — ‘of the stones of the Hjaðningar <Heðinn and his followers>. ’ - CORPSES
    (Hallar-Steinn, Fragments, 4, kenning 4)

beitu Gera; — ‘the food of Geri <wolf>; ’ - CORPSES
    (Halldórr ókristni, Eiríksflokkr, 7, kenning 4)

krás arnar; — ‘the delicacies of the eagle; ’ - CORPSES
    (Ketill hœngr, Lausavísur, 20, kenning 1)

verðar hrafns — ‘raven’s food ’ - CORPSES
    (Kolli inn prúði, Ingadrápa, 1, kenning 2)

mikla beitu ulfs, — ‘much wolf’s food, ’ - CORPSES
    (Óttarr svarti, Knútsdrápa, 11, kenning 1)

krôs hjaldrmôs — ‘the morsel of the battle-gull ’ - CORPSES
    (Rǫgnvaldr jarl and Hallr Þórarinsson, Háttalykill, 50, kenning 6)

bðar hauka bǫðvar — ‘of the meat of hawks of battle ’ - CORPSES
    (Rǫgnvaldr jarl and Hallr Þórarinsson, Háttalykill, 73, kenning 7)

hjörklufðu valtafni — ‘the sword-cloven slaughter-food ’ - CORPSES
    (Sturla Þórðarson, Hrafnsmál, 10, kenning 3)

virð*i valgagls — ‘the meal of the slaughter-goose ’ - CORPSES
    (Tindr Hallkelsson, Hákonardrápa, 3, kenning 3)

Ferðar Hugins verð — ‘of the meal of the flock of Huginn <raven> ’ - CORPSES
    (Tindr Hallkelsson, Hákonardrápa, 4, kenning 2)

Yggjar valbygg — ‘the barley of the falcon of Yggr <= Óðinn> ’ - CORPSES
    (Þjóðólfr Arnórsson, Sexstefja, 28, kenning 2)

barri ara; — ‘the eagle’s barley; ’ - CORPSES
    (Þjóðólfr Arnórsson, Sexstefja, 29, kenning 2)

ǫrð svans sveita. — ‘the corn of the swan of blood.’ - CORPSES
    (Þjóðólfr Arnórsson, Sexstefja, 29, kenning 5)

sigrlana. — ‘of victory-heaps. ’ - CORPSES
    (Þórarinn loftunga, Tøgdrápa, 2, kenning 3)

œrnu hveiti Freka; — ‘plentiful wheat of Freki <wolf>; ’ - CORPSES
    (Þórðr Kolbeinsson, Eiríksdrápa, 17, kenning 3)

tuggu Munins — ‘of Muninn’s <raven’s> mouthful ’ - CORPSE
    (Þórðr Særeksson (Sjáreksson), Þórálfs drápa Skólmssonar, 3, kenning 3)

drekku Hugins, — ‘Huginn’s <raven’s> banquet, ’ - CORPSES
    (Þórðr Særeksson (Sjáreksson), Þórálfs drápa Skólmssonar, 4, kenning 2)

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