Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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statistics skaldic total
poems and verse groups:8531201
prose works:1641417
instances of verses in mss:33797
instances of verses (page ref.):30190
inscriptions with location:2026424
images (scanned):16061
mss with images:2379
inscriptions with images: 1042
pages with images:458127
verses linked to images:738
new edition
entered verses:5180(89%)
entered lines:37643
entered words:140795291562
variant words:7133
words lemmatised:1356522990437
variants lemmatised:5845
lemmata used:65733
verses lemmatised:4900(85%)
indexed word forms:343273
variant ms readings:50241
explanatory notes:24034
transcriptions of verses:14216
verses with transcriptions:5010(86%)
mss with transcriptions:322
images of printed works:54067
printed works with images:91
metrically scanned lines: 130
editors: 137129
documentation entries:1092
index entries:1625
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