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Runic Dictionary

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Hharð Lv 2aII l. 3

lindar — of the linden-shield


1. lind (noun f.): linden-shield, linden tree



[3] váði lindar ‘the distress of the linden-shield [SWORD]’: Skj B emends váði (m. nom. sg.) ‘distress’ to váða (m. dat. sg.) and treats it as an instr.: lið fekk lífs-grand lindar váða ‘the company received death by the sword’. Kock (NN §1137) rejected that emendation and chose rather to take váði lindar as the subject: váði lindar fekk lið lífs grand ‘the sword gave death to the company’. However, the verb ‘give, receive’ (fekk 3rd pers. sg. pret. indic.) takes the dat. of the recipient, and lið ‘company’ cannot be be construed as a dat. (see ANG §361 Anm. 2). In the present edn, lið is taken with the preceding cl., which obviates the need for emendation. For ‘provide sth.’ with an acc. object but without a dat. recipient, see Fritzner: 7.



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