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bógr (noun m.)

ONP (prose citations):33723058
SkP: 11127911 (prose):11392394

forms: bóg, bógr, bœgi, bógana, bóga, bógum, bøginum, bóginn, bógu, bog, bogvna, bęier, bógunum, bóguna, bogu, bogunum, bogum, bægi, bogana, bȯguna, Böga, bœginum, boguna, bogin, bgvm, beginum, bogurinn, bægir, bógom, bǫgi, bógo, bógar


Gamlkan Has 47VII, l. 8: bógsvells ‘of arm’s ice’
Þul Skipa 8III, l. 7: bóglína ‘bowline’

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