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2. Magnús (noun m.)

ONP (prose citations):0727565
SkP: 66127911 (prose):4791392394

forms: magnúss, magnúsi, mahnusar, magnus, Magnús m sg, Magnúsi dat m sg, Magnúss m sg, mahnus, Magnus, magnús



indexed kennings:
Anon (Mberf) 1II: syni Óláfs ‘Óláfr’s son ’
Anon Nkt 33II: Ágætr einkason Óláfs konungs ‘The magnificent only son of King Óláfr ’
Anon Nkt 34II: dróttinn Sygna, ‘the lord of the Sygnir, ’
Anon Nkt 44II: Ágætr faðir Eysteins ‘The famous father of Eysteinn ’
Anon Nkt 53II: heiptargjarn mǫgr Sigurðar ‘the vengeance-eager son of Sigurðr ’
Anon Nkt 61II: bur Kristínar ‘Kristín’s son ’
Anon Nkt 63II: Sókndjarfr sonr Kristínar ‘The battle-brave son of Kristín ’
Arn Hryn 3II: gramr Jóta, ‘prince of the Jótar, ’
Arn Hryn 3II: dróttinn Hǫrða; ‘lord of the Hǫrðar; ’
Arn Hryn 8II: gramr Mœra, ‘lord of the Mœrir, ’
Arn Hryn 14II: Hefnir Ôleifs, ‘Avenger of Óláfr, ’
Arn Magndr 1II: hraustr vinr Hǫrða ‘the valiant friend of the Hǫrðar, ’
Arn Magndr 3II: Søkkvi Sveins, ‘The queller of Sveinn, ’
Arn Magndr 3II: sonar Ôleifs ‘of the son of Óláfr ’
Arn Magndr 4II: auðvin okkrum. ‘our treasure-friend. ’
Arn Magndr 5II: angrtælir ylgjar ‘the grief-beguiler of the she-wolf ’
Arn Magndr 6II: snarfengjan þengil Sygna ‘the swift-acting lord of the Sygnir ’
Arn Magndr 10II: hilmi Hǫrða, ‘the ruler of the Hǫrðar, ’
Arn Magndr 15II: sonr Ôleifs ‘Óláfr’s son ’
Arn Magndr 16II: hilmir Hǫrða ‘the prince of the Hǫrðar ’
BjHall Kálffl 7I: bróðurson Haralds ‘the son of Haraldr’s brother ’
BjHall Kálffl 7I: arfa Ôleifs; ‘Óláfr’s heir; ’
Bkrepp Magndr 1II: Dróttinn Vǫrsa ‘The lord of the Vǫrsar ’
Bkrepp Magndr 1II: ræsir Hǫrða ‘the ruler of the Hǫrðar ’
Bkrepp Magndr 1II: buðlungr Þrœnda ‘the lord of the Þrœndir ’
Bkrepp Magndr 2II: Snarr harri Sygna ‘The swift lord of the Sygnir ’
Bkrepp Magndr 4II: mǫgr Óláfs ‘Óláfr’s son ’
Bkrepp Magndr 8II: Dróttinn Grenlands ‘The lord of Grenland ’
Bkrepp Magndr 8II: støkkvir Skota ‘the banisher of the Scots ’
Bkrepp Magndr 10II: lofðungr Þrœnda ‘the ruler of the Þrœndir ’
Bkrepp Magndr 10II: Nýtr ungr gramr Egða ‘The bountiful young lord of the Egðir ’
Bkrepp Magndr 11II: Fellir Jóta ‘The slayer of the Jótar ’
Gísl Magnkv 6II: láðgǫfguðum dróttni Haða. ‘the land-endowed lord of the Haðar.’
Gísl Magnkv 9II: Œgir jǫfra ‘The terrifier of princes ’
Gísl Magnkv 11II: frænda Haralds ‘Haraldr’s kinsman ’
Gísl Magnkv 15II: skelfi Dana ‘the terrifier of the Danes ’
Gísl Magnkv 17II: Gramr Upplanda ‘The ruler of Opplandene ’
Gísl Magnkv 19II: feðr Sigurðar, ‘of Sigurðr’s father ’
Gísl Magnkv 20II: frœknum fǫður Eysteins ‘the bold father of Eysteinn ’
Gísl Magnkv 20II: frænda Haralds, ‘Haraldr’s kinsman, ’
Kolli Ingdr 2II: hringmildr harri ‘the ring-generous lord ’
RvHbreiðm Hl 76III: kyn jǫfra ‘the kinsman of princes ’
RvHbreiðm Hl 81III: Allnýtr gætir Egða ‘The thoroughly beneficial guardian of the Egðir ’
Sigv Berv 15II: syni Ôláfs; ‘of Óláfr’s son; ’
Sigv Berv 18II: Sinjórr Nóregs, ‘Seigneur of Norway, ’
Sigv Lv 25I: niðs fylkis. ‘of the leader’s offspring.’
Sigv Ást 1I: sonar Ôleifs. ‘of Óláfr’s son. ’
Sigv Ást 3I: vin virða ‘the friend of men ’
ÞjóðA Magn 1II: Mǫgr Ôleifs ins digra ‘The son of Óláfr inn digri (‘the Stout’) ’
ÞjóðA Magn 5II: Snarr harri Skônunga ‘The valiant ruler of the Skánungar ’
ÞjóðA Magn 5II: aldrprúðr allvaldr Lundar ‘the life-splendid overlord of Lund ’
ÞjóðA Magn 9II: Sonr Ôleifs ‘Óláfr’s son ’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 1II: Sonr Ôleifs, ‘Óláfr’s son, ’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 5II: Sonr Ôleifs, ‘Óláfr’s son, ’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 5II: gramr Skônunga, ‘the lord of the Skánungar, ’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 6II: Konr Ellu ‘The descendant of Ella <legendary king> ’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 7II: bróðurson Haralds ‘the brother’s son of Haraldr ’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 16II: ræsir Þrœnda; ‘ruler of the Þrœndir; ’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 17II: Mætr gramr Mœra ‘The excellent lord of the Mœrir ’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 19II: Buðlungr Þrœnda ‘The prince of the Þrœndir ’
ÞjóðA Run 4II: Sá konr haukstalda, ‘The descendant of princes, ’
ÞjóðA Run 4II: bróðursonr Haralds. ‘the brother’s son of Haraldr.’
ÞjóðA Sex 10II: sonr Ôleifs ‘Óláfr’s son ’
Þham Magndr 3II: allvaldr Egða ‘the mighty ruler of the Egðir ’
Þham Magndr 3II: gramr Hǫrða ‘the lord of the Hǫrðar ’
Þham Magndr 5II: fǫður Eysteins ‘Eysteinn’s father ’

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