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7. Other Fonts & Projects (OEH)

Peter S. Baker, University of Virginia
Junicode (a Unicode font)
Home page

David J. Perry, Rye High School, New York
Fonts for scholars
Cardo (a Unicode font)

Deborah W. Anderson, University of California at Berkeley / Rick McGowan, Unicode
Script Encoding Initiative (project description)

Juan-José Marcos García, Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain
Alphabetum (web site)

Jost Gippert and colleagues, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main, and collaborating institutions
TITUS Cyberbit Font (Unicode 4.0 compliant)
TITUS project

Sebastian Kempgen, University of Bamberg
Unicode fonts for slavists
Fonts with special emphasis on the needs of medievalists and philologists in general

Andreas Stötzner, Leipzig
Typefaces for scientific texts
Fonts for scientific usage, of general interest but also applicable to medieval texts

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