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vǫllr (noun m.)

‘plain, field’
ONP (prose citations):160727565
SkP: 67127911 (prose):2281392394

forms: vall, valla, Vǫllr, vall, Velli acc m pl, Völlum dat m pl, Völlur, Völlurinn, völlum dat m pl, völlunum, völlur nom m sg, völlurinn, völlr, ual-R, völlu acc f sg, völluna acc f sg, vǫlluna, vll, uaull, vaullr, vollu, vꜷlliɴ, Vǫllriɴ, voll, vollvm, vǫllum, vǫll, vǫllu, uelli, vꜵllom, uelle, vllo, vellir nom m pl, vøll, velle, vóll, vollv, vꜹllona, vellinvm, vallu, uollu, völlinn acc m sg, vllr, vǫllinn, vollinn, uoll, vaull, vollvna, vollin, vavll, vøllom, [v]ollv, Vǫllu, vollur, volluna, uollinn, vøllv, vøllunum, uollin, vǫllvna, vꜹllvna, vellinum dat m sg, vellinom, ull, uellinum, vælli, uǫllinn, vǫllv, Vǫllona, vollum, Valla, voler, vllvm, vꜷllr, uellum, vęllir, Völlu, vỏll, vollr, vỏllo, uỏll, vỏllvm, völl, vǫllr, vallar, velli, uollo, vollom, vꜹll, veꝇi, vꜹllr, voꝇr, uꜹll, vollo, vallarins


Anon Heildr 9VII, l. 6: grundvöllr ‘foundation’
Anon Leið 10VII, l. 2: vallræfrs ‘of the plain-roof’
Anon Leið 43VII, l. 3: grundvǫll ‘the foundation’
Anon Mdr 31VII, l. 6: grundvöllr ‘the foundation’
Anon Mdr 42VII, l. 7: grundvöllr ‘the foundation’
Bkrepp Magndr 4II, l. 2: vallbaugs ‘of the field-ring’
ESk Geisl 10VII, l. 6: vallrjóðanda ‘field-reddeners’
ESk Geisl 52VII, l. 4: Pézínavǫllum ‘Pezina plains’
Edáð Banddr 1I, l. 6: randvallar ‘of the rim-plain’
Edáð Banddr 1I, l. 6: rannvallr ‘’
Eyv Lv 8I, l. 3: Fýrisvalla ‘of Fýrisvellir’
Eyv Lv 8I, l. 3: Fýrisvallar ‘of Fýris’
HSn Lv 1II, l. 1: Glymvǫllu ‘the resounding field’
Rv Lv 9II, l. 4: stafnvǫllr ‘prow-field’
Rv Lv 15II, l. 6: haukvallar ‘of the hawk-field’
Sigv Erlfl 2I, l. 6: borðvǫll ‘the plank-field’
SnSt Ht 61III, l. 7: sóknvallar ‘of the attack-meadow’
SnSt Ht 83III, l. 2: baugvalla ‘of shieldboss-meadows’
ÞHjalt Lv 1I, l. 1: Fýrisvallar ‘Fýrisvǫllr’
Anon (LaufE) 7III, l. 2: vallfinnandi ‘bestower {of the field’

indexed kennings:

index entries (as compounds):
• Dingwall (Dingwall, Ross, Scotland)
• Fresvold (Fresvold, S. Odalen hd, Hedmark, Norway)
• Thingwall (Thingwall, Merseyside, England)
• Thingwall (Thingwall, Shetland)
• Tingwall (Thingwall, Orkney)
• Torsvallen (Torsvallen, Valbo sn, Gästrikland, Sweden)
• Tynwald (Tynwald, Isle of Man)
• Ullevål (Ullevål, Aker hd, Akershus, Norway)
• Þingvellir ()

index entries (as names):
• Vǫllr (Völlur, Iceland)

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