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This material is incomplete and is for reference only: it has not been checked and quality-controlled and should not be cited. References are to the new edition and may not correspond to the text of Skj.

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1. vita (verb)

ONP (prose citations):783725759
SkP: 206127911 (prose):23071392394

forms: veiz, vitat, vit, vituð, vissuð, vitu, veit, viti, visso, vitoð, veitkat, Veist sg 2nd pres, Veistu sg 2nd pres, Vissi sg pret, Vissir, Vissu pl 3rd pret, Vita nom f 3rd pres infinitive, Vitið pl 2nd pres, Vitum 1st pres, veist sg 2nd pres, veistu sg 2nd pres, vissir sg, vissum pl 1st pret, vitandi, vitað nom n sg pret, vissusk, Veiztu, Veit nom m sg, Vitumat, Veitk, Vissak, Veitkat, Vissa, uisi, uit, uait, vissv, vitha, uita, vitið, vitut, veitk, veitat, vittu, viti, vissak, veitkat, veizt, vitum, vissu, vissi, vissa, vissa, veit, vitu, veiztu, vitir, vıtam, vitim, vita, Veizt, Viti, viso, viſſi, ueit, uitandi, ueit, uitoþ, ꝩitoþ, vitoþ, véit, vito, veitzt, víto, vitaþr, ueitzt, uęit, veiztv, vitir, vitir, veitzſt, víti, viſſo, vitom, vitom, veitz, visi, ueizt, ueizt, ueizt, veít, viſſir, visa, viſſa, ueit, væit, véit, víſſi



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