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vetr (noun m.)

ONP (prose citations):188728070
SkP: 47127911 (prose):25541392394

forms: Vetri dat m sg, Veturinn, vetrinum dat m sg, ve*tr, uintur, vættra, vettr, vætra, vettrinn, uettre, vettri, uetturen, vætr, vettra, uettrar, uetrar, vetrar gen m sg, Vetur m sg, vætre, vetre, uetrum, uetriɴ, uetrin, uetrinn, vetrin acc n pl, uoturinn, ueter, uetʀ, vétr, vętri, vetrvm, uetri, vettur, vettre, uetra, verínn, vettar, uetturin, vettrin, vettrar, vetrs, uetrarins, uetur, vætri, uetr, uetrvm, vetvr, vet, vetter, Vetrar, vetreɴ, vitr, veturinn m sg, vitrar, uentrinn, Vetr, vetra, vetran, vetom, vet, vetru̅, vetꝛa, vetrı, vetre, vetꝛ, vetꝛı, vetur, vetrom, vetra, vetra, vetra, vetrinn, vetri, vetrum, vetr, vetrarins, vetra, vetra, vetriɴ


ESk Sigdr I 1II, l. 8: vetrlengis ‘all winter long’
Mark Lv 1III, l. 2: vetrliði ‘The winter-survivor’
Rv Lv 22II, l. 2: vetrarstund ‘in a winter’s hour’
StarkSt Vík 4VIII (Gautr 12), l. 1: Þrévetran ‘at the age of three years’
Humli Lv 2VIII (Heiðr 101), l. 5: tólfvetra ‘twelve-year-olds’
Þul Bjarnar 1III, l. 10: vetrliði ‘winter-survivor’

indexed kennings:
Ormr Frag 1III: þenna mǫg Vindsvals ‘this son of Vindsvalr <giant> ’

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