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vaxa (verb)

‘grow, increase’
ONP (prose citations):348728070
SkP: 81127911 (prose):2231392394

forms: vaxtar, vuxu, vóx, vexa, óxu 3rd pret, œxti, Uxu, Vaxa, Vex sg 3rd pres, vaxandi, vaxi sg 3rd pres, vaxir, vaxið n sg pret, yxi, Óx sg 3rd pret, óx sg 3rd pret, Vóx, vaxanda, vaxnir nom m pl, Óxu, vex, óxum, vaxa, vaxin, vaxnar, uxu, vaxinn, vaxa, vaxıt, vaxit, vexti, Vella, Óxum, váxiɴ, uaxa, vegſ, ox, vaxna, óxom, æxti, óksu


ESk Geisl 43VII, l. 6: þunnvaxin ‘the thin-grown’
Eil Þdr 8III, l. 1: Harðvaxnar ‘the hard-grown’
Hfr Óldr 3I, l. 4: ljótvaxinn ‘ugly-grown’
Hfr Óldr 3I, l. 4: ljótvaxin ‘ugly’

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