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vargr (noun m.)

ONP (prose citations):104727565
SkP: 85127911 (prose):201392394

forms: vargr, vargi, varg, varginn acc m sg, vargsins, Vargs, Vǫrgum, Vargr, vargarnir nom m pl, uargur, varga m pl, uargar, vargrinn, vǫrgum, vargurinn, vargana, uarg, uargr, vørgvm, vargur nom m sg, varge, vrgum, uorgvm, uargvr, vargh, uarga, varghe, Vargar, vỏrgum, vargar, vargs, varg, vargi, vargr, vörgum, varginum


Kálf Kátr 15VII, l. 2: vargfæðendur ‘wolf-feeders’
Anon Óldr 17I, l. 6: sundvargs ‘of the sea-wolf’
Anon Pl 29VII, l. 8: vargnistir ‘the wolf-feeder’
Arn Magndr 12II, l. 4: vargteitir ‘wolf-cheerer’
Arn Þorfdr 18II, l. 6: vargsteypis ‘of the thief-feller’
Eil Þdr 5III, l. 2: gunnvargs ‘of the battle-wolf’
Glúmr Gráf 7I, l. 6: vargfœðandi ‘The wolf-feeder’
HSt Rst 5I, l. 3: varghollr ‘Wolf-gracious’
HSt Frag 6III, l. 4: benvargs ‘of the wound-wolf’
RvHbreiðm Hl 57III, l. 7: vargfœðir ‘wolf-feeder’
SnSt Ht 53III, l. 8: fjallvargs ‘of the mountain-wolf’
Sturl Hrafn 14II, l. 3: vargfæðis ‘wolf-feeder’
ÞjóðA Sex 13II, l. 2: varghollr ‘wolf-gracious’
Þstf Stuttdr 4II, l. 3: byrvarga ‘wolves of favourable breeze’
Anon (FoGT) 4III, l. 4: fletvargi ‘bench-wolf’
Anon (Orkn) 1II, l. 6: vargseðjandi ‘wolf-sater’
Svart Skauf 39VIII, l. 7: morðvargr ‘outlawed murderer’

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