Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anonymous Poems (Anon)

VII. Pétrsdrápa (Pét) - 54

not in Skj

Pétrsdrápa (‘Drápa about the Apostle Peter’) — Anon PétVII

David McDougall 2007, ‘(Introduction to) Anonymous, Pétrsdrápa’ in Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.), Poetry on Christian Subjects. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 7. Turnhout: Brepols, pp. 796-844.

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Skj: [Anonyme digte og vers XIV]: [B. 7]. En drape om apostlen Peder, Pétrsdrápa (AII, 500-8, BII, 545-58)

SkP info: VII, 836

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45 — Anon Pét 45VII

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lemmatised words

This information has not been reviewed and should not be referred to.

af (prep.) ‘from...’ — 45/3

allþrútinn (adj./verb p.p.) ‘[swollen]...’ — 45/6

2angr (noun n.) ‘grief, sin...’angrs 45/7

1annarr (pron.) [°f. ǫnnur, n. annat; pl. aðrir] ‘(an)other, second...’öðrum 45/5

1brá (noun f.) [°brár; brár] ‘eyelash, eyebrow...’ — 45/4

brásteinn (noun m.)brásteina 45/4

dróttinn (noun m.) [°dróttins, dat. dróttni (drottini [$1049$]); dróttnar] ‘lord, master...’dróttins 45/8

2einn (pron.) [°decl. cf. einn num.] ‘one, alone...’ — 45/7

2enn (adv.) ‘still, yet, again...’ — 45/5

fara (verb) [ferr, fór, fóru, farinn] ‘go, travel...’fór 45/6

frá (prep.) ‘from...’ — 45/5

1ganga (noun f.) ‘way...’gaungu 45/7

garðr (noun m.) ‘enclosure, yard...’garði 45/3

1gegn (adj.) [°compar. -ri, superl. -astr/-str] ‘reliable...’ — 45/4

grein (noun f.) ‘reason, period, branch...’greina 45/3

grǫf (noun f.) ‘grave...’grafar 45/8

1guð (noun m.) [°***guðrs, guðis, gus] ‘(Christian) God...’guðs 45/1

í (prep.) ‘in, into...’ — 45/7

last (noun n.) [°-] ‘fault, sin, vice...’löst* 45/2

líkn (noun f.) [°-ar; gen. -a] ‘grace, mercy...’ — 45/1

ljótr (adj.) ‘ugly...’ljótan 45/1

maðr (noun m.) ‘man, person...’mönnum 45/5

2meta (verb) ‘measure, value, assess...’Metr 45/1

3ok (conj.) ‘and, but; also...’og 45/1

2óðr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘raging, furious...’ótt 45/8

regn (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘rain...’regni 45/4

3sinn (pron.) [°f. sín, n. sitt] ‘(refl. poss. pron.)...’ — 45/2

smyrja (verb) ‘anoint...’smurðr 45/3

steinn (noun m.) [°steins; steinar] ‘stone, colour...’steina 45/4

til (prep.) ‘to...’ — 45/8

traust (noun n.) [°-s/-] ‘support, protection...’trausti 45/2

úti (adv.) ‘out, outdoors, out at sea, abroad...’ — 45/6

ván (noun f.) [°-ar, dat. -/-u; -ir] ‘hope, expectation...’vánar 45/2

2vera (verb) ‘be, is, was, were, are, am...’var 45/7


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