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Runic Dictionary

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indexed kennings:
Bbreiðv Lv 3V (Eb 27): hleypi hesta rastar hlunns. ‘the driver of the horses of the path of the launching-roller. ’
Bbreiðv Lv 5V (Eb 29): hirðiþoll hafviggs, ‘the guarding fir-tree of the sea-steed, ’
Bbreiðv Lv 6V (Eb 30): hugfullr víglundr ‘the courage-filled battle-tree ’
Bjhít Lv 9V (BjH 11): ǫfunduðr auðs ‘the enemy of wealth ’
Bjhít Lv 13V (BjH 17): skekki bragsmíðar ‘to the pourer of poetry; ’
Bjhít Lv 13V (BjH 17): veiti versóka. ‘of the giver of sea-fire. ’
Bjhít Lv 17V (BjH 24): veiti vægja ‘the offerer of swords ’
Bjhít Lv 17V (BjH 24): hneigi hafnarkvígs, ‘the mover of the harbour-bullock, ’
Bjhít Lv 19V (BjH 29): runni dǫkkmara víka. ‘the bush of dark horses of bays. ’
Bjhít Lv 19V (BjH 29): Heita hlunns brautar humra, ‘the Heiti <sea-king> of the launching-roller of the road of lobsters, ’
Bjhít Lv 20V (BjH 30): kenni bragsmíðar ‘the knower of poetic craft ’
Bjhít Lv 23V (BjH 35): menmyrði. ‘the necklace-murderer. ’
Grett Lv 11V (Gr 20): Víg-Njörðr, ‘The slaughter-Njǫrðr <god>, ’
Grett Lv 12V (Gr 21): Bellinn Baldr baugs ‘The insolent Baldr <god> of the ring ’
ÞKolb Lv 3V (BjH 13): grundar garðvita stríðir ‘enemy of the fire of the encloser of land ’
ÞKolb Lv 5V (BjH 19): seimþollr; ‘fir-tree of riches; ’
ÞKolb Lv 5V (BjH 19): remmitungls randskjalfr, ‘trembler of the strong moon of the shield, ’
ÞKolb Lv 7V (BjH 23): Baldr þorns skjaldar ‘the Baldr <god> of the thorn of the shield ’
ÞKolb Lv 7V (BjH 23): sá nýtir naðrbings ‘that user of the serpent’s bed ’
ÞKolb Lv 7V (BjH 23): eggleiks eldskerðir ‘the diminisher of the fire of blade-play ’
ÞKolb Lv 11V (BjH 38): þollr hjalms ‘the fir-tree of the helmet ’

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