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ungr (adj.)

ONP (prose citations):178725759
SkP: 140127911 (prose):4361392394

forms: ungum, jungum, jungu, jungar, œri, ungur, Ung, ungra gen pl, ungs, yngst, yngsta, Ungr, Ungan, Ungur, ukr, uku, unk, yngsti nom m sg, ungann, vnge, vnga, orvm, unger, yngri, vngr, vngv, øre, ʀi, unct, vngi, ongtt, ungt n sg, ungir nom m pl, vng, vngra, vngir, aungan, vngvm, vngvr, ungur nom m sg, unngi, óre, ungre, yngra sg, yngre, yngstur nom m sg, yngzta, ynxti, øra, ri, ra, ungh, wngur, úngum, ungom, ungan acc m sg, vngo, yngrum, ynngri, ygnsti, yngztir, vnger, eóra, eórum, ęri, vngan, ngr, únga, vngur, ỏngr, ungum, ungu, ungri, yngstr, unga, ung, ungum, ungr, ungi, Ungur, œri, ungrar, ungr, ngom, vngom, vngar, ꝩngra, óng, ǫri, vngri, unga


Glúmr Gráf 2I, l. 4: barnungr ‘in early youth’
Þhorn Gldr 3I, l. 4: barnungr ‘child-young’
Anon (Hák) 1II, l. 6: Foldungum ‘Foldungar’

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