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Prose works relevant to the database

Gǫngu-Hrólfs saga (GHr)

Skaldic vol. 8; ed. Margaret Clunies Ross

verse introduction manuscripts contents

mss from ONP, skaldic databases, and FASNL:
Adv 21 4 17x (21 4 17x) 4-4; 94r-164r  edit
AM 152 fol (152) 98r-116r  image  edit
AM 152 1-2 fol 98r-116r  edit
AM 169 c folx -; 1r-4v  image  edit
AM 202 k folx (202kx) 1r-1r  edit
AM 338 4°x 1r-88v  edit
AM 552 d 4°x (552dx) 10v-10v  image  edit
AM 567 XI α-β 4° 1r-2v  edit
AM 567 XI 4° (567XI) 1r-2v  edit
AM 567 XI α 4° (567XI α) 1r-2v  image  edit
AM 567 XI β 4° (567XI β) 1r-2v  edit
AM 576 a 4°x -; 13v-13v  image  edit
AM 587 c 4°x (587cx) 1r-32v  image  edit
AM 589 f 4° (589f) 13r-36v  image  edit
AM 591 e 4°x (591ex) 1v-15r  image  edit
BergenUB 58x (x) 109r-118v  edit
BLAdd 4857x 2r-27v  edit
BLAdd 4859x 96v-118v  edit
BLAdd 4863x 337r-400r  edit
BLAdd 11117x 1r-330v  edit
BLAdd 11159x 2r-77r  edit
BLAdd 11162x 51r-74v  edit
BLAdd 11163x 76v-120r  edit
Engestr B III 1 20x (Engestr20x) 8r-18v  edit
GKS 1002-1003 folx -  edit
GKS 1003 fol (1003) 25r-48v  edit
GKS 1006 folx (1006x) 121-216; 61r-103v  edit
GKS 2845 4° (2845) 39v-54v  image  edit
Holm papp 88 folx 1r-88v  edit
Holm papp 7 4°x 1r-189v  edit
Holm papp 17 4°x (papp17x) 55v-87v  edit
Holm papp 30 4°x (30x) 420r-579v  image  edit
Holm papp 43 4°x 1r-31v  edit
Holm papp 8 8°x 60r-98v  edit
ÍB 144x (ÍB144x) -  edit
ÍB 43 folx (43x) 13r-38v  image  edit
ÍBR 6 folx (ÍBR6x) 175-228; 87r-114r  image  edit
ÍB 144 4°x 1r-46v  edit
ÍB 165 4°x 99r-117v  image  edit
ÍB 210 4°x 80r-80v  image  edit
ÍB 269 4°x 1r-52r  edit
ÍB 210 8°x 1r-1v  edit
ÍB 283 8°x 66v-103r  image  edit
ÍB 395 8°x 84r-125r  edit
ÍB 593 8°x 60v-82v  edit
ÍBR 59 4°x -; 41r-60r  edit
Jón Samsonarson 3 4tox (x) 113r-115v  edit
JS 625 4°x 66r-88r  image  edit
JS 11 8°x -; 46v-102v  edit
JS 411 8°x 89r-130v  edit
Kall 254 folx (x) 1r-20v  edit
KBAdd 2 8°x 1r-115v  edit
Lbs 675 folx 157r-189v  image  edit
Lbs 1046 folx 58r-86v  edit
Lbs 413 4°x 148r-181r  edit
Lbs 1497 4°x 157r-134v  edit
Lbs 1998 4°x 72r-111v  edit
Lbs 2319 4°x 96r-131r  image  edit
Lbs 3625 4°x 184r-243r  image  edit
Lbs 3626 4°x 92r-171v  edit
Lbs 4816 4°x 24r-57v  image  edit
Lbs 5154 4°x -  edit
Lbs 1304 8°x 1r-36r  image  edit
Lbs 1353 8°x 1r-68r  image  edit
Lbs 2405 8°x 103r-164v  edit
Lbs 4460 8°x -  edit
Lbs 4547 8°x -  image  edit
NKS 1144 folx 67r-69v  edit
NKS 1147 fol (1147) -; 82va-98va  edit
NKS 1178 folx 2r-159v  edit
NKS 1685 b 4tox (1685bx) 86r-94v  edit
NKS 1746 4°x 1r-159v  edit
NKS 1747 4°x 1r-18v  edit
Rål 25 folx 15r-63v  edit
Rål 43 4tox 1v-239v  edit
Rask 35x (Rask35x) -; 168r-230v  edit
Rostock 78x (x) 460r-531v  edit
Säfstaholmssamlingen I Papp. 13x 1r-121v  edit
STABI Germ qu. 27x (x) 99v-136r  edit
Trinity L 2 32x 192r-193v  edit
UppsUB R 707x (x) 16r-94v  edit
UppsUB Westin 79x (x) 1r-44v  edit

mss referred to in stanzas/text:  AM 152 fol; AM 567 XI α 4°; AM 587 c 4°x; AM 589 f 4°; AM 591 e 4°x; Holm papp 30 4°x;

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