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tveir (num. cardinal)

ONP (prose citations):198728073
SkP: 92127911 (prose):15491392394

forms: tveir, tveir, tváa, ttveggja, Tveim dat pl, Tveir nom m pl, Tvo acc m pl, Tvær, Tvö, tveimur dat pl, tvö n pl, Tvá, Tvau, tvæggıa, tuai?, tua?, toa, tuh, tuar, to, tav, twau, tau, tvav, tve⟨i⟩mum (!), tue⟨i⟩r, tvem, tueim, tueimur, tvæim, tua, tuo, tuou, t⟨v⟩av, t⟨u⟩au, tueir, tuer, th⟨v⟩egia, tuav, tuem, tu, thvemvr, tuau, tvꜹ, tvo acc m pl, tæir, tv, tve⟨i⟩r, tvém, .ij., tua⟨u⟩, tauo, ij, tueʀ, tueimr, tuỏ, tvỏ, tveimr, tvær, tveim, tvá, tveggja, tvau, tvau, tveir, tveɢia, tvęr, tv, tveiʀ, tva, tvęir, tvꜹ, .ii., ii., tvǽr


Anon Ól 2I, l. 8: hvárttveggja ‘both’
Hfr ErfÓl 18I, l. 8: hvárrtveggja ‘both’
Sigv Nesv 4I, l. 8: hvárirtveggja ‘both parties’

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