Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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5. The Skaldic Database

1. About the database (TW)
2. Terminology used in the database (TW)
3. Guided tour - Desktop Interface (TW)
4. Database history (TW)
5. Database contents (TW)
6. Database structure (TW)

(5. The Skaldic Database > 5. Database contents)

5. Database contents (TW)

The following is not an exhaustive list of the database contents, but is meant to cover some of the main contributions to the online resource.

Contributing editors have produced the following materials for the database (they are credited individually), overseen by the volume editors and board:

  • Skald biographies
  • Introductions to poems, sagas and some individual stanzas
  • Edited text of stanzas, prose word order and translation
  • Notes and prose context descriptions
  • Variant apparatus, previous editions and other textual and critical apparatus information
Volume editors and the editorial board more generally have produced the following:
  • Volume introductions
  • Other volume front matter
  • The Editors’ Manual
  • and much more...
Assistants, contributors and others have supplied the following:
  • Transcriptions of stanzas in manuscripts
  • Bibliographic information
  • Indexing information
  • and much more...
The database editor has produced the following:
  • Skjadedigtning’s structure of the corpus
  • Digitising manuscripts
  • Partial lemmatising of the corpus
  • and much more...

In addition to materials produced by the project, the database incorporates the following data sets. All material is either publically available or has been supplied with permission to the Skaldic Project. Material for which the project does not have permission to republish is restricted to members of the project.

  • Skjaldedigtning’s corpus of poetry (B text supplied mostly by Eysteinn Björnsson, contents, headings and other data by TW);
  • The Jón Helgason-commissioned skaldic card index’s manuscript references (courtesy of the Arnamagnaean Collection in Copenhagen);
  • ONP Registre data on prose works and their ms. locations (courtesy of the Old Norse Dictionary project in Copenhagen);
  • ONP Registre data on mss and ms collections;
  • Saganet data on mss and their contents;
  • Samnordisk Runtextdatabas data on runic inscriptions (imported when this database did not assert copyright);
  • Oslo University’s Dokumentasjonsprosjekt electronic text of Fritzners Ordbog (references linked by TW);
  • Eysteinn Björnsson’s partial text of Lexicon Poeticum;
  • Prose texts from;
  • Text of Zoëga’s Icelandic-English dictionary from Northvegr;
  • Scanned ms photographs from the Arnamagnæan Institutes in Copenhagen and Reykjavík (mostly TW);
  • Verse contents of prose works from various editions (mostly by TW);
  • Digital photographs from SÁMÍ, Riksantikvarieämbetet and other sources (institutions credited individually);
  • Scanned inscription photographs from the Olso Rune Archive (courtesy of the archive and James Knirk);
  • Scanned out-of-copyright printed works by TW and from Saganet and other sources (credited individually);
  • Transcriptions of mss by VEÞ and others;
  • further indices based on the new edition: lemmata (TW) and metrical forms (TW) and line types (TW, in progress)
© Skaldic Project Academic Body, unless otherwise noted. Database structure and interface developed by Tarrin Wills. All users of material on this database are reminded that its content may be either subject to copyright restrictions or is the property of the custodians of linked databases that have given permission for members of the skaldic project to use their material for research purposes. Those users who have been given access to as yet unpublished material are further reminded that they may not use, publish or otherwise manipulate such material except with the express permission of the individual editor of the material in question and the General Editor of the volume in which the material is to be published. Applications for permission to use such material should be made in the first instance to the General Editor of the volume in question. All information that appears in the published volumes has been thoroughly reviewed. If you believe some information here is incorrect please contact Tarrin Wills with full details.