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tunga (noun f.)

‘tongue, language’
ONP (prose citations):204728070
SkP: 63127911 (prose):2141392394

forms: tungan, Tunguna acc f sg, Tungunni dat f sg, Tunga, Tungan, Tungum, Tungur, tungu f sg, tungum, túngu, tvngv, tvngvr, tungo, tungan nom f sg, tvngo, tungom, tvngur, tungor, tungna, tvngnaɴa, Tungu f sg, tungunni dat f sg, túngur, tvnggo, Tungo, Tunngu, tungvm, tunngu, tungunnar, tunngna, tungunne, tungwm, tvngom, tungv, tvnga, Tvngan, tunguna acc f sg, tongunnar, tvngan, túngan, tunnghu, tungr, Tvngv, tunnga, túnga, tvngvm, tvnngv, tungurnar, tunga, tungur, tungum


Arn Hryn 5II, l. 7: tungurjóðr ‘Tongue-reddener’
Bersi Ólfl 2I, l. 3: svaltungur ‘cool tongues’
Blakkr Lv 2II, l. 4: foraðstungur ‘the terrifying tongues’
Anon Lil 92VII, l. 1: Tungusætr ‘sweet of tongue’
Glúmr Gráf 4I, l. 5: Slíðrtungur ‘scabbard-tongues’
Anon (Ragn) 8VIII (Ragn 38), l. 4: hlumtungum ‘with oar-handle tongues’

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• Tunga (Tunga, Hrútafjǫrðr)

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