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This material is incomplete and is for reference only: it has not been checked and quality-controlled and should not be cited. References are to the new edition and may not correspond to the text of Skj.

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þú (pron.)

ONP (prose citations):443728113
SkP: 920127911 (prose):154481392394

forms: þús, þér, yðra*, þik, þér, þier, þig, þig, yðarr, þérs, þik, ðu, Yður m, ykkar gen pl 2nd, ykkur pl 2nd, yðar gen 2nd, yðra pl 3rd pres infinitive, yðrar sg 3rd pres, yðrir sg 3rd pres, yðru f 3rd pret, yðrum pl 1st pres, yður pl 2nd, Þig acc sg 2nd, Þið nom pl 2nd, Þér 2nd, Þú nom f sg 2nd, þig acc sg 2nd, þið nom pl 2nd, ykkarn, Þik, Yðr, Þérs, Þier, þe?, þi?, Ykkur, þ[u], þic, þer, þo, to, þv, tú, do, tu, dv, þuu, Þu, tv, þw, du, þek, þuþu, ðv, þ̣ịẹṛ, þier, þu, þín, þik, yðr, þú, þín, ykr, þik, þú, þér, Ykr, u, o, v, þv, þic, þer, ðo, þic, þin, þo, v , þv, þ, v, þer, þic, þv, þęr, þ, þer, þ, þv ,, þuat, yðvart, yðvar, þinn



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