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Runic Dictionary

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Anon Lil 62VII l. 4

Ágætir — Distinguished ones


ágætr (adj.; °compar. ágǽtari/ágǽtri, superl. ágǽtastr/ágǽztr): excellent


[4] Hvert Ágætir í tígnarsæti: Hverr vann sigr? Skapari manna 99a, 705ˣ, Hverr vann sigr nema hjálpari manna? 622, 713, Hverr vann sigrinn? Skaparinn manna Vb, Hverr vann sigr? Skaparinn manna 41 8°ˣ, 4892


[4] ágætir ‘distinguished’: The meaning of the word is somewhat loose: ONP defines ‘excellent, outstanding, known, famous’. It appears commonly as a complimentary form of address or as a stock description of an important person. It is used here as a substantive: the distinguished and holy saints are led to a seat of honour.



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