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Runic Dictionary

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indexed kennings:
Anon (Mberf) 3II: Lundr hjǫrs ‘The tree of the sword ’
EGils Guðv 1IV: sætti seggja; ‘the conciliator of men; ’
EGils Guðv 2IV: greiði fríðs vells ‘the distributor of beautiful gold ’
EGils Guðv 2IV: mýgir meina, ‘the oppressor of sins, ’
EGils Guðv 4IV: meiðir mæta, ‘the destroyer of treasures, ’
EGils Guðv 5IV: Hirðir hringa, ‘The guardian of rings, ’
EGils Guðv 12IV: brigðlunduðum erki-Þundi kastala víns, ‘the capricious arch-Þundr <= Óðinn> of the castle of wine, ’
EGils Guðv 14IV: liettr liettir lasta, ‘the kind destroyer of sins, ’
RvHbreiðm Hl 60III: burr Kjǫtva ‘the son of Kjǫtvi ’
Þorm Þorgdr 8V (Fbr 11): arfa þarfs Fagrgala, ‘heir of the able Fagrgali, ’

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