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2. berr (adj.)

ONP (prose citations):196726238
SkP: 13127911 (prose):61392394

forms: berr, berum, bera, berre, berri, bærr, berir nom m pl, berar, brynn, beran, berrum, berrvm, bervm, ber, beʀ, berom, bært, bero, bæro, bærir, bæʀ, berastir, berara, berari, berastan, berann, beriʀ, bæran, beraztan, bere, bertt, beru, bærom, hære, berr⟨i⟩, Berr, bert


Anon Mey 30VII, l. 8: allsber ‘completely nude’
Eyv Hál 7I, l. 3: vápnberr ‘weapon-bare’
Sigv Berv 9II, l. 4: bersǫgli ‘my plain-speaking’
Þhorn Harkv 19I, l. 10: handberum ‘’
Sjólfr Lv 3VIII (Ǫrv 42), l. 5: berserki ‘berserks’

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