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sǫngr (noun m.)

ONP (prose citations):83728070
SkP: 22127911 (prose):61392394

forms: saungva, saungvar, sǫngr, sǫngvi, söngs gen m sg, söngurinn, songh, song, sng, savng, savngum, Saung, Savng, saungh, saung, songsins, saunggva, søngom, songs, saungz, sǫngva, savngs, sǫngum, saungs, saungum, savngh, sǫng, söng, saunguí, sꜹng, songur, sꜹngr, sonngr, sǫngua, sôngum, songua, sngvm, savngvm, sǫngsíns, saungr, sang, songa, söngr, sanganna, söngva, sꜹngum, saunginum, savngrinn, Savngr, sngur, sꜹngva, saunginvm, songhinn, saungur, sonngur, sỏng, Songr, sỏngvm, sỏngur, söngvi, ſꜹngr, sǫngs


Anon Vitn 22VII, l. 7: lofsaung ‘song of praise’
Bjbp Jóms 42I, l. 4: mansǫng ‘a love-song’
Eskál Vell 4I, l. 2: asksong ‘ship’s ’
Eskál Vell 18I, l. 3: sǫngherðir ‘the strengthener {of the song’
Anon Lil 95VII, l. 4: lofsaung ‘song of praise’
Steinn Óldr 8II, l. 7: sǫngherðǫndum ‘for the strengtheners song’

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