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synð (noun f.)

ONP (prose citations):94725694
SkP: 74127911 (prose):01392394

forms: synðum, synða, synða, Synda, Synðir, synta, suti?, syn, Synd, synd, sind, syndir, synnd, synnda, sẏn, synþ, synþom, svnþernar, syndiʀ, synþer, synnð, svnþir, syndum, synder, syndaɴa, synþarennar, Sẏndír, sýnþer, svnþina, svnþom, svnþ, svnþer, syndina, synðir, synda, syndinni, synþir, synnder, sẏnd, synþaɴa, svnþa, syndar, syndirnar, synð


Anon Hsv 45VII, l. 6: syndauðigr ‘sinful’
Anon Mgr 39VII, l. 8: syndalausnar ‘redemption of sins’
Anon Mgr 48VII, l. 6: syndalausnar ‘redemption from sins’
Anon Mv I 5VII, l. 4: syndlaust ‘sinless’
Anon Mv III 14VII, l. 8: syndafullr ‘sinful’
Anon Mv III 18VII, l. 2: höfuðsynd ‘a cardinal sin’
Anon Lil 5VII, l. 4: syndalíkn ‘mercy for sins’
Anon Lil 91VII, l. 4: syndafari ‘sinful behaviour’
Gamlkan Jóndr 3VII, l. 4: synðalauss ‘sinless’
Þloft Glækv 7I, l. 7: synðalauss ‘the sinless’

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