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sveinn (noun m.)

‘boy, servant, attendant’
ONP (prose citations):133728113
SkP: 50127911 (prose):3521392394

forms: sveinn, Sveinarnir nom m pl, Sveininum, Sveinninn nom m sg, sveinana acc m pl, sveinanna gen m pl, sveinarnir nom m pl, sveinunum dat m pl, Sveini, suain, suina?, suena?, suin, sueina?, sueinn, svæina, sueinar, sueínar, sveininum dat m sg, sueinunum, sueina, svæini, sveiɴ, svein⟨s⟩i⟨n⟩s, svæínn, sveininvm, sveininom, sveinnin, sveinsins gen m sg, sueininn, sueinninn, sueínnín, sveinvnnom, suein, sueinum, sweini, svein acc m sg, suæin, svæinn, sve⟨i⟩nar, sveinsens, suæinar, sveins gen m sg, svæin, sveín, svæinar, Sueiɴ, Sveinar, sueíninn, sueinnum, sveinnenn, sveinin, svęinnin, sveinvm, sueini, suæinær, suæina, svéinar, svéinom, sven, suæini, svéiɴ, swæinnen, swæin, sweinom, svei⟨ns⟩ins, swein, sueíne, sueins, Sveni, suæinnen, sveine, Sveinn, svẹịṇạ, sveina, sveini, sveinn, sveinum, sveinar, sveininn, sveininn, sveinninn, sveinninn, Sveinninn, ſveiɴ, ſveina, sveiɴ, ſveiɴi, ſveinar


BjKálfs Lv 1II, l. 8: matsveinar ‘the cooks’
Anon Lil 46VII, l. 3: lærisveina ‘disciples’
Anon Lil 68VII, l. 4: lærisveinum ‘to his disciples’
Anon Brúðv 6VII, l. 8: sveindóm ‘virginity’

indexed kennings:
Anon Nkt 27II: Liðfár sonr Hôkonar ‘The poorly supported son of Hákon ’
Anon Nkt 32II: sonr Knúts ‘Knútr’s son ’
Arn Hardr 4II: fljótmælts vinar Jóta ‘of the swift-spoken friend of the Jótar ’
Arn Magndr 14II: bróður Bjarnar ‘of Bjǫrn’s brother, ’
Halli XI Fl 2II: Lofsnjallr hrafngrennir, ‘The praise-keen raven-feeder, ’
Sigv Austv 19I: ætt Eireks ‘the kinsman of Eiríkr ’
Sigv Knútdr 7I: fylkis Dana. ‘of the ruler of the Danes. ’
Steinn Nizv 2II: reiðr atseti Hleiðrar ‘the furious resident of Lejre ’
Steinn Nizv 6II: annan sveigjanda látrs linns. ‘the other bender of the snake’s lair. ’
Steinn Nizv 7II: Allvaldr Dana ‘The mighty ruler of the Danes ’
Steinn Óldr 7II: arfi Ulfs ‘Úlfr’s heir ’
ÞjóðA Lv 3II: [Baldr] brynþings ‘[The Baldr <god>] of the byrnie-assembly ’
ÞjóðA Lv 3II: linns láðbrjótr, ‘the breaker of the land of the snake ’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 3II: son Alfífu ‘Ælfgifu’s son ’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 15II: nýtum nefa Knúts ‘for the capable nephew of Knútr ’
ÞjóðA Sex 16II: hraustum fœði døkks hrafns ‘the bold feeder of the dark raven ’
ÞjóðA Sex 16II: konungs Jóta ‘of the king of the Jótar ’
Þjsk Sveindr 1I: Inn ítri gramr Jóta ‘The splendid ruler of the Jótar ’
Þfagr Sveinn 4II: Fengsæll þengill Dana ‘The booty-blessed lord of the Danes ’
Þfagr Sveinn 5II: Óskmǫgr Ulfs, ‘Úlfr’s beloved son, ’
Þfagr Sveinn 9II: dróttni seggja ‘the lord of men ’

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