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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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Prose works relevant to the database

Orms þáttr Stórólfssonar (OStór)

Skaldic vol. 8; ed. Peter Jorgensen

verse introduction manuscripts contents

mss from ONP, skaldic databases, and FASNL:
AM 55 folx (55x) 445v-459v  edit
AM 158 folx (158x) 23r-26v  image  edit
AM 160 folx (160x) 55r-69v  edit
AM 163 b folx (163bx) 31v-32v  image  edit
AM 164 e α folx (AM 164 e α folx) 1r-6v  edit
AM 164 e β folx (AM 164 e β folx) 1r-4v  image  edit
AM 164 e γ folx (AM 164 e γ folx) 1r-4v  image  edit
AM 164 f folx 1r-5v  image  edit
AM 165 c folx 1r-8v  image  edit
AM 202 a folx 1r-1r  edit
AM 552 i 4°x 1r-6v  image  edit
AM 553 b 4°x 1r-26r  image  edit
AM 554 h β 4°x (554h βx) 56v-67v  image  edit
AM 555 d 4°x 1r-27r  image  edit
AM 555 e 4°x 1r-7r  image  edit
AM 567 V 4° (567V) 6r-8v  edit
AM 568 4°x (568x) 115r-118v; 131r-134v  edit
AM 583 d 4°x 1r-8v  image  edit
AM 116 8°x 83r-92v  edit
AM 116 III 8°x 6r-15v  edit
Engestr B III 1 19x (Engestr19x) 5r-5v  edit
GKS 1002-1003 folx -  edit
GKS 1003 fol (1003) 141r-144r  edit
GKS 1005 fol (Flat) 69va-71ra  image  edit
GKS 1006 folx (1006x) 509r-517v; 528v-537r  edit
GKS 2845 4° (2845) 19v-26r  image  edit
Holm papp 56 folx (56x) 37r-56v  image  edit
Holm papp 98 folx 330r-354v  edit
ÍB 283 8°x 1r-6v  image  edit
ÍB 783 8°x 12r-25v  image  edit
JS 166 folx 219v-224v  image  edit
Lbs 2145 8°x 97r-112v  edit
Lbs 2312 8°x 112r-119v  image  edit
Säfstaholmssamlingen I Papp. 6x 175r-194r  edit

mss referred to in stanzas/text:  AM 554 h β 4°x; GKS 1005 fol; GKS 2845 4°;

Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated