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stallr (noun m.)

‘seat, stall, support’
ONP (prose citations):79727565
SkP: 26127911 (prose):71392394

forms: stallr, stalls, stǫllum, stallur, Stall, stalle, stalla, stallana, stallrinn, stall acc sg, stall⟨a⟩, stalls, stollunum, stallinn, stǫllunum, stallar, stllunum, staullunum, stalli, stallinum, stal, stallonum, stllum, stollum, stallenum, stỏllunum, stỏllum, ſtalli


Anon Liðs 7I, l. 2: baugstalls ‘of the ring-support’
Anon Mdr 10VII, l. 4: byrstalls ‘of the fair wind-pedestal’
Anon Mdr 24VII, l. 4: dagstalls ‘of the day-support’
Anon Mv I 23VII, l. 8: baugstalls ‘of the ring-seat’
Anon Mv I 25VII, l. 6: seimstalls ‘of the gold-seat’
Anon Nkt 18II, l. 7: hattarstall ‘the hat-support’
Anon Pl 2VII, l. 4: ormstalls ‘of the serpent-lair’
Anon Pl 3VII, l. 4: ormstalls ‘of the serpent-lair’
Eil Þdr 1III, l. 1: Flugstalla ‘of precipice-altars’
Gamlkan Has 29VII, l. 8: skýstalls ‘of the cloud-platform’
Gamlkan Has 35VII, l. 6: dagstalls ‘of the day-support’
Gamlkan Has 40VII, l. 6: dagstalls ‘of the day-support’
Gamlkan Has 45VII, l. 6: dagstalls ‘of the day-support’
Hharð Lv 14II, l. 8: hjalmstall ‘helmet-support’
Rv Lv 6II, l. 2: fránstalls ‘of snake-support’
RvHbreiðm Hl 35III, l. 6: hjalmstall ‘the helmet-support’
Þjóð Yt 11I, l. 3: véstalls ‘of the altar of the sanctuary’

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