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stafn (noun m.)

ONP (prose citations):78728070
SkP: 43127911 (prose):261392394

forms: stafnar, Stafn, stafninn acc m sg, stafnenn, stafnana acc m pl, stafní, stamnenom, stafna m pl, stafnin, staffdum, stamn, stafne, stǫfnum, stofnum, stafnn, staufnum, stꜹfnvm, stopnom, stofnom, stamf, Stamfn, stafnarnir, stafnarnnar, stfnum, stafnar, Stafnar, staffn, stamfn, stafninum dat m sg, stamne, stamnar, stafnne, stafns, stỏfnum, stöfnum, stafn, stafni, ſtafni, ſtafn, ſtafna, ſtafnar, ſtofnom


Anon Gyð 6VII, l. 4: valstafna ‘of the falcon’s perches’
ESk Elfv 2II, l. 4: stafnblóðug ‘prow-bloody’
Edáð Banddr 5I, l. 2: stafnviggs ‘of the prow-horse’
HSt Rst 26I, l. 1: Valstafns ‘in the falcon-stem’
HSt Frag 5III, l. 2: ǫlstafna ‘of ale-prows’
Rv Lv 9II, l. 4: stafnvǫllr ‘prow-field’
RvHbreiðm Hl 3III, l. 3: framstafn ‘the prow’
SnSt Ht 32III, l. 6: ilstafna ‘the foot-sole prows’
ÞGísl Búdr 3I, l. 8: skipstǫfnum ‘ship-prows’
ÞKolb Eirdr 15I, l. 2: folkstafns ‘of the battle-stem’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 12II, l. 4: framstafn ‘forestem’
Þloft Tøgdr 4I, l. 6: stafnklifs ‘of the prow-cliff’
Anon (FoGT) 17III, l. 2: stafnreiðar ‘of the prow-chariot’
Anon (ÓT) 1I, l. 1: stafnval ‘stem-steed’

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