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sonr (noun m.)

ONP (prose citations):338725759
SkP: 242127911 (prose):32901392394

forms: sonu, sonu, sonarins, sonr, son(?), [su]n, Sonu, Sonum, Sonur nom m sg, synirnir, Syni, Sonr, sunr, saRner, cRnir, sunir, s, so=nr, s=on, su=n, sunaR, --n, suni, isun, sua, suni?, suau, su..., sui, ...uni?, sun?, sni?, s--, ...uni,, sun..., un, suaun, -un, ...n, su--, s=un, suna..., ...un, s..., s-..., su, su-, ...-n, isun?, s...n, isuni, sunu?, ...un..., syni?, sy-..., sonar m, sónar, sun, sonurin, sunum, sønu, svnv, svn, sono, sonv, syne, Son sg, sunv, senir, sunarins, sunar, suna, sunu, syner, seÿni, sonur nom m sg, sevnir, synr, sonvm, sǫno, sener, sunr, sønir, svnir, Sꝍner, Sønir, søne, sǫni, sene, seyni, sęner, sonom, sonn, sonor, Synir nom m, soninn, søn, seni, Sennir, svnum, Sono, sn, søni, syn, suninn, sꝍne, sꝍner, sn, sęnir, sẏnír, soneʀ, synvm, soner, søynir, seynom, seynir, synn, sœne, suno, snum, …n, sỏn, sỏnum, sona, sona, syni, synir, sonum, sonu, sonr, son, ſꝩnir, ſónr, ſonr, ſona, ſeꝩnir, ſonom, ſónom, ſꝩni, ſono, ſon, ſóna, ſꝩni, ſonar, ſǫnr, ſonr, ſóno, ſonom, ſꝩnir, ſon, ſonar, sꝩnir, ſón, ſonom, ſonar


Anon Hsv 148VII, l. 2: einkason ‘only son’
Anon Pl 10VII, l. 8: goðssonar ‘of God’s son’
BjHall Kálffl 7I, l. 4: bróðurson ‘the son of brother’
Anon Lil 24VII, l. 7: einkason ‘only son’
Hjǫrtr Lv 2II, l. 7: geitarson ‘a goat’s son’
Sigv Lv 29I, l. 6: dýrðarson ‘a glorious son’
ÞKolb Eirdr 11I, l. 3: hjalmsonum ‘the helmet’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 7II, l. 2: bróðurson ‘the brother’s son’
ÞjóðA Sex 18II, l. 8: Árnasonr ‘Árnason’
BjRagn Lv 2VIII (Ragn 20), l. 8: stjúpsonu ‘stepsons’

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