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snjallr (adj.)

‘quick, resourceful, bold’
ONP (prose citations):91725759
SkP: 102127911 (prose):251392394

forms: snjallri, snjǫllum, snjalls, snjallastr, snjöllu, snjalt, snjǫll, snjallir, snjallra, snjǫllu, snjall, snills, snjalli, snjallt n sg, snjallur nom m sg, Snjallr, Snjallir, Snjalls, snialan, sinal?, snali?, sniali?a, sniali?, sniala, ---alan, snialasti?, ...-ialan, ...i?, snelan, snilan, snjallastur nom m sg, sniallan, snialr, sniollu, stniollu, stnialra, sníallaztr, sniallt, snialla, sn⟨i⟩altt, sniallastr, snjalla, sniallur, sniallann, stnialre, stniollum, stniallum, snioll, sniallr, sniallasta, snjøll, sn⟨i⟩allt, snjallan, snjallr, snills, snjallastan, sniallr, ſniallir, ſnialla, snjallari


Anon Leið 7VII, l. 2: geðsnjallr ‘valiant-minded’
Anon Leið 23VII, l. 6: dáðsnjalls ‘of the deed-eager’
Anon Líkn 43VII, l. 2: þreksnjallr ‘the strength-bold’
Anon Pl 12VII, l. 6: hyggjusnjalls ‘of the brave-souled’
Anon Ól 2I, l. 6: þreksnjallr ‘The mightily wise’
ESk Geisl 48VII, l. 4: styrsnjallr ‘The battle-bold’
ESk Geisl 56VII, l. 8: dáðsnjalls ‘of the quick-acting’
ESk Geisl 66VII, l. 4: þreksnjǫll ‘Strong and bold’
ESk Frag 2III, l. 4: geðsnjallr ‘The quick-witted’
Eskál Vell 11I, l. 5: forsnjallir ‘exceedingly brave’
Hfr Hákdr 7III, l. 2: snjallráðr ‘shrewdly-advising’
Ník Jóndr 1VII, l. 6: hauksnjallr ‘Courageous as a hawk’
Ólhv Hryn 7II, l. 1: Hauksnjallr ‘The hawk-brave’
RvHbreiðm Hl 29III, l. 5: margsnills ‘of the deeply wise’
Sturl Hryn 18II, l. 6: snjallráðan ‘wise-ruling one’
KrákÁsl Lv 9VIII (Ragn 30), l. 8: þróttarsnjallr ‘courageous in his strength’
Hróksv Hrkv 11VIII (Hálf 61), l. 6: jafnsnjallan ‘equally valiant’

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