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baugr (noun m.)

ONP (prose citations):47726238
SkP: 91127911 (prose):201392394

forms: baugr, Baug, Baugi, Baugur, bauginn acc m sg, baugnum, baug*, Baugs, Baugr, baug, baugar, baugi, baugum, baugs, baugum, bauga, bꜹg, bg, bgi, bꜹgi, bꜹga, bꜹgar, bꜹgar, bgar


Anon Liðs 7I, l. 2: baugstalls ‘of the ring-support’
Anon Mv I 23VII, l. 8: baugstalls ‘of the ring-seat’
Anon Mv II 6VII, l. 7: baugnorn ‘ring-norn’
Anon Pl 22VII, l. 5: baugfergir ‘the ring-destroyer’
Anon Pl 38VII, l. 2: bauglestanda ‘the ring-destroyer’
Anon Pl 50VII, l. 6: fránbaugs ‘shining ring’
Anon Sól 56VII, l. 6: Baugreyris ‘of Baugreyrir’
Anon Ól 3I, l. 2: bauglestir ‘The ring-harmer’
Bkrepp Magndr 4II, l. 2: vallbaugs ‘of the field-ring’
Bragi Rdr 2III, l. 2: baugnafaðs ‘boss-hubbed’
Bragi Rdr 8III, l. 8: hals- -baug ‘a neck-ring’
ESk Geisl 70VII, l. 2: baugness ‘of the bracelet-headland’
Eskál Lv 2aI, l. 4: baugskjǫldum ‘shields with bosses’
Eskál Lv 3I, l. 6: eybaugs ‘of the island-ring’
Gísl Magnkv 12II, l. 4: baugvang ‘a ring-meadow’
Hallv Knútdr 4III, l. 3: baugjǫrð ‘ring-land’
Hár Lv 2I, l. 2: læbaugs ‘of the deceit-ring’
RvHbreiðm Hl 30III, l. 8: baugnjótr ‘The ring-user’
SnH Lv 5II, l. 4: bauglands ‘of the shield-boss land’
SnSt Ht 28III, l. 1: Vandbaugs ‘of the rod of the shield-boss’
SnSt Ht 47III, l. 5: Baugstøkkvir ‘bracelet-flinger’
SnSt Ht 83III, l. 2: baugvalla ‘of shieldboss-meadows’
Snæbj Lv 1III, l. 7: baugskerðir ‘the ring-diminisher’
Sturl Hákkv 16II, l. 4: baug*renni ‘the ring-advancer’
Sturl Hákkv 19II, l. 1: baugsegl ‘at shield-boss sails’
Sturl Hákkv 35II, l. 5: baugtungl ‘the shield-boss moons’
Sturl Hákfl 4II, l. 7: baugsendir ‘ring-giver’
Sturl Hrafn 10II, l. 3: baugnjótum ‘ring-users’
Sturl Hrafn 13II, l. 3: baugnjótar ‘ring-users’
Sturl Hrafn 15II, l. 8: bauglestis ‘of the ring-wounder’
Sturl Hrafn 18II, l. 4: baug-Nirði ‘ring-Njǫrðr’
Þorm Lv 15I, l. 8: eybaugs ‘of the island-ring’
Anon (HSig) 1II, l. 2: eybaugs ‘of the island-ring’
Bjǫrn Lv 1VIII (Frið 9), l. 3: baugvara ‘ring-bearer’
Marm Lv 5VIII (Hálf 10), l. 1: baugröst ‘The ring-path’
Hróksv Hrkv 21VIII (Hálf 71), l. 7: baugbrjóts ‘of the ring-breaker’
Innsteinn Innkv 13VIII (Hálf 33), l. 7: baugbroti ‘the ring-breaker’

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