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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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indexed kennings:
Anon (Hák) 3II: bróður Inga; ‘Ingi’s brother; ’
Ólhv Hryn 2II: víða lendum jǫfri Þrœnda; ‘the wide-landed prince of the Þrœndir; ’
Ólhv Hryn 3II: Frǫmuðr frægða ‘The promoter of glorious deeds ’
Ólhv Hryn 3II: stillir rekka ‘the leader of men ’
Ólhv Hryn 7II: Hauksnjallr stillir hersa ‘The hawk-brave ruler of hersar
Ólhv Hryn 8II: Hilmir borðs hildar ‘The ruler of the board of battle ’
Ólhv Hryn 12II: Gramr fyrða, ‘The leader of the people, ’
SnSt Ht 31III: bifsœki álms. ‘for the tremble-seeker of the elm-bow. ’
SnSt Ht 33III: bróður hilmis; ‘the ruler’s brother; ’
SnSt Ht 34III: bróðir bragnings ‘the ruler’s brother ’
SnSt Ht 37III: hǫfundr aldar, ‘the judge of men, ’
SnSt Ht 39III: hjaldrreifan hoddstiklanda – ‘the battle-happy hoard-dispenser – ’
SnSt Ht 39III: hugdýrum stýri hjaldrs ‘the noble-minded controller of battle ’
SnSt Ht 52III: Niðr skjǫldungs ‘The sovereign’s kinsman ’
SnSt Ht 63III: Valdi styrjar ‘The ruler of battle ’
SnSt Ht 64III: ræsir Þrœnda ‘the ruler of the Þrœndir ’
SnSt Ht 69III: bróður konungs ‘for the king’s brother; ’
SnSt Ht 70III: spakan mœti oddbraks ‘the wise encounterer of the point-crash ’
SnSt Ht 81III: grœði frama ‘the promoter of fame ’
SnSt Ht 81III: stilli Mœra ‘about the lord of the Mœrir ’
SnSt Ht 83III: Eyðir baugvalla, ‘Destroyer of shieldboss-meadows, ’
SnSt Ht 88III: oddviti hers ‘the leader of the army ’
SnSt Ht 90III: vinr bragna ‘the friend of men ’
SnSt Ht 95III: hilmi Mœra ‘to the lord of the Mœrir. ’
Sturl Hákkv 9II: rjóðr randa ‘the reddener of shield-rims ’
Sturl Hákkv 10II: vígálfr ‘the battle-elf ’
Sturl Hákkv 16II: baug*renni, ‘the ring-advancer, ’

Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated