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This material is incomplete and is for reference only: it has not been checked and quality-controlled and should not be cited. References are to the new edition and may not correspond to the text of Skj.

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skjóta (verb)

ONP (prose citations):679726238
SkP: 58127911 (prose):5331392394

forms: skýtk, skýtra, skauzt, skjótum, Skaust, Skaut sg 3rd pret, Skutu pl 3rd pret, Skutust, Skýst, Skýtur, skaust sg 3rd pret, skjótast infinitive, skjótið, skjótust, skotist , skutust pl 3rd pret, skýtur sg 3rd pres, Skauzt, Skýtra, Skotit, Skýtr, Skýt, skotit, skotid, skotin, skyzt, skutu pl 3rd pret, skyt, skavt, skyta, skiota, skotiɴ, skytr, sct, skíota, skotinn nom m sg, scaut, skutusk, scutu, skytur, scýtr, scióta, skotið nom n sg pret, skautt, skotíð, skautzk, skꜹtz, skustz, Skutuz, skjótaz, skutuzt, skiotaz, skytzt, skiotvmz, skyti sg 3rd pret, skẏt, scutvz, skiotiz, skyz, skvtv, skꜷt, skotnar, skotet, skjóti pres, scꜹt, scauz, skauzk, skiotast, skꜹt, skióta, scotit, skíote, skautat, skýt, skaut, skýtr, skjóta, ſct, ſcióta, ſcotiɴ, ſcióti, ſciota, ſcto, skjótumst, skútu, skútusk



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