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barn (noun n.)

ONP (prose citations):106726238
SkP: 52127911 (prose):5981392394

forms: bǫrnin, barnit, Barn, Barnið, Börn nom n pl, barnanna gen n pl, barninu dat n sg, barnið n sg, barns gen n sg, barnsins, börnin n pl, börnunum, Bǫrn, bavrn, bǫrn, bǫrnum, börn, barna, b*örn*, barn, börnum, barni, bornom, brn, born, bórn


Anon Mv II 9VII, l. 1: barnfæð ‘childlessness’
Anon Mv III 3VII, l. 2: barnsaldr ‘childhood’
Anon Vitn 4VII, l. 1: barnaæði ‘mind of children’
ESk Øxfl 3III, l. 1: Hróðrbarni ‘glory-child’
Glúmr Gráf 2I, l. 4: barnungr ‘in early youth’
Þhorn Gldr 3I, l. 4: barnungr ‘child-young’
FriðÞ Lv 30VIII (Frið 36), l. 12: smáb*örn* ‘little children’
Svart Skauf 42VIII, l. 2: barngælur ‘nursery rhymes’

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