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skip (noun n.)

ONP (prose citations):138727569
SkP: 116127911 (prose):36981392394

forms: Skip nom, Skipa, Skipi dat n sg, Skipin, Skipinu, Skipið nom n sg, skipanna gen n pl, skipin n pl, skipinu dat n sg, skipið n sg, skipsins gen n sg, skipunum dat n pl, skib, skibi, Skips, skips, skipum, skipa, skip, skipi, skip, ſcipſ, ſcip, ſcipi, ſcipino, scipit, ſcipa, ſcipit, ſcipom, ſcip , scip, ſcipin, skipit, skipinu, skipsins


Bjbp Jóms 16I, l. 4: skipastóli ‘fleet of ships’
Halli XI Fl 1II, l. 4: langskipa ‘of the longships’
Hár Lv 1I, l. 8: herskipum ‘warships’
Hjǫrtr Lv 3II, l. 2: langskipum ‘on long-ships’
Ótt Hfl 14I, l. 6: kaupskipum ‘the merchant-ships’
Sigv Austv 2I, l. 5: hlœgiskip ‘the laughable ship’
Sigv Erlfl 3I, l. 4: skipsókn ‘ship-crew’
SnSt Ht 28III, l. 4: skipreiðu ‘with a levy district’
Sturl Hryn 12II, l. 1: herskips ‘of warships’
ÞGísl Búdr 3I, l. 8: skipstǫfnum ‘ship-prows’
ÞKolb Eirdr 13I, l. 4: langskipum ‘longships’
Valg Har 11II, l. 3: herskipum ‘of the warships’
Hjálm Lv 3VIII (Ǫrv 9), l. 2: herskipum ‘the warships’
Ásb Ævkv 2VIII (OStór 5), l. 3: fleyskipi ‘a fast ship’
Ásb Ævkv 3VIII (OStór 6), l. 5: langskipum ‘the warships’
Þul Skipa 2III, l. 7: langskip ‘longship’
HSt Frag 1I, l. 3: herskip ‘his warships’

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