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band (noun n.)

‘band, bond’
ONP (prose citations):89728113
SkP: 30127911 (prose):251392394

forms: bands, banda, band, bandið, bandsins, Band, b*ands, bøndum, bondum, baundum, bønd, bndum, bꜵnd, bondom, bꜹndom, bavndvm, bꜹnd, bavnd, bnd, bond, bandi, bǫnd, bꜵndum, bundum, bandum, böndom, bondvm, böndum dat n pl, baund, boɴ[d]um, bondin, bande, bandet, bónd, bandit, bandanna, böndin, bannzins, bndvm, bǫndum, bǫndunum, bỏndum, bỏnd, bỏndvm, bönd, bǫndin, bandz, bands


Anon Vitn 8VII, l. 2: elskubandi ‘the bond of love’
Glúmr Lv 1I, l. 6: dolgbands ‘of the battle-god’
HSt Rst 7I, l. 1: Frónb*ands ‘of the land-bond’
Oddi Lv 1II, l. 3: bandalfr ‘The elf {of the belt’
Anon (Styrb) 3I, l. 2: liðbands ‘of the limb-band’
StarkSt Vík 3VIII (Gautr 11), l. 8: haptbönd ‘captive shackles’

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