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3. sinn (pron.)

‘(refl. poss. pron.)’
ONP (prose citations):566725759
SkP: 385127911 (prose):104941392394

forms: sína, sen, sína, sínom, Sinn, Sinnar, Sínum, sínir nom m pl, Sína, Sínar, Sinna, Sín, Sitt, cin, si…, isin, sino, sia, sint, sn, ...ina, s..., si-,, is?n, san, =sin, seno, isn, sin..., s--a, si,, sih, si-a, -in, s--, sa, ...n, sii, sis, sena, s-n, sinar, sein, sna, isnn, is-,, s=lin, si--, ...--n, siena, s-..., s, sain, simi, sea, sai, sinh, ...i..., se, ...sin..., ...-in, s...-, sina?, sila, siis, siin, si-..., --n, sinne, siɴ, siɴar, sinu, sinum, sÿna, sínn, sytt, synum, sinumm, sin, sini, sit, sinꜱ, siɴi, siɴa, si[n]um, sinnz, si..., sín*ar, sinn, sínar, ſına, ſın̅, sına, ſıı, sın, sın̅, sina, sins, sıno, sïna, sıtt, sıns, sınom, sı, sıı, sínu, sinn, sína, sinni, sín, sína, sitt, síns, sínum, sinna, sinnar, in, sinna, sitt, sinni, ſinom, ſinſ, ſiɴi, ſit̨, ſiɴ, ſins, ſín, ſit, ſitt, ſinna, ſiɴa, ſinar, ſina, ſína, sinſ, ſin, ſíɴ, ſíɴar, ſiɴar, ſino, ſinnar, ſíno, ſinn, ſínom, ſiɴ, ſít, sinnum



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