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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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indexed kennings:
Anon Nkt 50II: dróttins Mœra. ‘of the lord of the Mœrir.’
Anon Nkt 52II: þess hilmis Dœla ‘of that lord of the Dœlir ’
ESk Lv 1II: Þengill Mœra, ‘Lord of the Mœrir, ’
ESk Sigdr I 5II: dróttin Dœla ‘the lord of the Dœlir ’
ESk Sigdr II 1II: reiðorðr ræsir Rauma ‘the clear-talking ruler of the Raumar ’
Eyv Hál 10I: ôttung Týs ‘the kinsman of Týr <god> ’
Hskv Útdr 1II: vinr drengja, ‘the friend of the warriors, ’
Ill Har 1II: menskerðir ‘the necklace-diminisher ’
Ív Sig 3II: Bani Vilhjalms, ‘The slayer of Vilhjálmr, ’
Ív Sig 8II: Ræsir Þrœnda, ‘The ruler of the Þrœndir, ’
Ív Sig 13II: mildum syni Magnúss ‘the generous son of Magnús ’
Ív Sig 13II: syni buðlungs. ‘to the sovereign’s son.’
Ív Sig 14II: syni Magnúss, ‘the son of Magnús, ’
Ív Sig 32II: Harri Sygna ‘The lord of the Sygnir ’
Ív Sig 36II: mildum syni Magnúss. ‘the generous son of Magnús.’
Ív Sig 41II: sóknfœrr sonr skjǫldungs ‘the battle-able son of the king ’
Ív Sig 44II: Dróttinn ýta ‘The lord of men ’
Slembir Lv 1II: glaðr sonr grams ‘the glad-hearted son of the ruler ’
Sturl Hákfl 3II: Frændi Erlings ‘The kinsman of Erlingr ’
Sturl Hákfl 6II: dauðan dólgstríði. ‘the dead enemy-combatant. ’
Þstf Lv 2II: Folkrakkr þengill Þrœnda, ‘Battle-brave lord of the Þrœndir, ’
Þstf Stuttdr 3II: Snjallr jǫfurr Þrœnda ‘The courageous prince of the Þrœndir ’
Þstf Stuttdr 6II: Hvatr fylkir Hǫrða, ‘Swift ruler of the Hǫrðar, ’

Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated