Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ketils saga hœngs (Ket) - 42

Ketils saga hœngs (Ket)

Skaldic vol. 8; ed. Beatrice La Farge

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mss from ONP, skaldic databases, and FASNL:
AM 172 a folx 1r-16v  edit
AM 173 folx (173x) 1r-11v  image  edit
AM 340 4°x (340x) 1r-12v  image  edit
AM 342 4°x (342x) 35r-42r; 67r-74r  image  edit
AM 343 a 4° (343a) 54r-57v  image  edit
AM 471 4° (471) 49r-54v; 49r-56v; 55r-56v  image  edit
AM 552 q 4°x (552qx) 1r-8v  image  edit
AM 109 a 8°x (109ax) 154r-162r; 257v-257v; 71r-77r  edit
AM 109 a II 8°x (109a IIx) 154r-162r  image  edit
Berlin 25x (Berlin25x) 176r-190v  image  edit
BibStGen 3724x (x) 1r-41r  edit
BLAdd 4874x (4874x) 86v-94r  edit
BLAdd 6121x (6121x) 8r-12v  edit
BLAdd 11108x (11108x) 209-216  edit
BLAdd 11174x (11174x) 50r-53v  edit
Bodl Boreal 116x 117-125  edit
Engestr B III 1 18x (Engestr18x) 70r-81r  edit
GKS 1006 folx (1006x) 293r-300r; 610-629  image  edit
Holm papp 73 folx 21v-64r  edit
Holm papp 89 folx 14v-41r  edit
Holm papp 98 folx 649r-663r  edit
Holm papp 102 folx 1r-18v  edit
Holm papp 32 4°x (papp32x) 1r-10r  image  edit
Holm papp 80 4°x 170r-197v  edit
HSk 2 4°x (x) 34r-42v  edit
HSk 83 8°x (x) 1r-17v  edit
ÍB 51 folx 163r-168v  edit
ÍB 384 4°x (ÍB384x) 5r-16v  image  edit
ÍB 152 8°x 48v-56r  image  edit
JS 634 4°x 1r-13r  edit
JS 635 4°x 145v-157r  edit
JS 408 8°x 1r-11r  edit
Kall 243 folx (x) 1r-18v  edit
Kall 611 4°x (x) 65r-73r  edit
Lbs 221 folx (Lbs221x) 101r-102v  image  edit
Lbs 633 folx 265r-269v  edit
Lbs 152 4°x 1r-7v  image  edit
Lbs 999 4°x 91r-108r  edit
Lbs 1172 4°x 2r-16r  image  edit
Lbs 1458 4°x 118v-120v  edit
Lbs 1492 4°x 136r-150r  edit
Lbs 1582 4°x 77r-82v  image  edit
Lbs 1626 4°x 3r-17r  edit
Lbs 1940 4°x 30r-35r  edit
Lbs 1971 4°x 4r-9v  edit
Lbs 2118 4°x 37r-47r  image  edit
Lbs 5158 4°x -  edit
Lbs 893 8°x (893x) 21r-22v  image  edit
Lbs 1010 8°x (1010 8°x) 6r-11v  edit
Lbs 1249 8°x (1249x) -  image  edit
Lbs 1366 8°x 79r-94r  image  edit
Lbs 2146 8°x 229v-237v  edit
Lbs 2233 8°x 134r-142r  edit
Lbs 4460 8°x -  edit
LundUB 5 4°x 1r-6v  edit
NKS 1204 folx 1r-66v  edit
NKS 1205 folx 4v-77r  edit
NKS 1685 b 4tox (1685bx) 123r-123v; 127r-128v  edit
NKS 1707 4°x 2r-30r  edit
NKS 1715 4°x 9r-17r  edit
NKS 1778 b 4tox (1778bx) 1r-35v  edit
OsloUB 255 folx 3r-15r  edit
OsloUB 303 4°x 113r-122r  edit
Rål 97 folx 1r-28v; 43r-57v  edit
RAÄ Björner KHx 1r-12r  edit
SÁM 6x 66r-76r  edit
Säfstaholmssamlingen I Papp. 11x 199v-220r  edit
STABI Germ qu. 25x (x) 176r-186r  edit
Trinity L 2 5x 1r-18v  edit
UppsUB R 697x (R697x) 1r-15r  edit
UppsUB R 707x (x) 1r-10r  edit
UppsUB Westin 84x (x) 1r-14v  edit
UppsUB Westin 85x (x) 2r-21v  edit
UppsUB Westin 602 ax (x) 43r-43v  edit

mss referred to in stanzas/text:  AM 173 folx; AM 340 4°x; AM 342 4°x; AM 343 a 4°; AM 471 4°; AM 552 q 4°x; AM 109 a I 8°x; AM 109 a II 8°x; GKS 1006 folx; Holm papp 32 4°x;

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