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sárr (adj.)

‘sore, painful; wounded’
ONP (prose citations):139726238
SkP: 73127911 (prose):3841392394

forms: sôr, særri, sárast, sáran, Sáran, Sárir, sárir nom m pl, sárra, Sárra, sôrum, sartt, sꜳr, srtt, sárer, sáran acc m sg, sára acc, sar, sꜳru, sarom, sare, saʀ, sꜳra, sarum, sáʀ, saʀr, sarast, saara, saarum, saran, sart, sarer, sárum, sr, srom, sarr, sarir, sári, sara, Sárt, sꜳrum, sari, saro, Sart, sáru, sarari, sár, saar, saraztar, sarara, saru, sꜳrara, sꜳrr, sarv, sárari, saʀa, sárar, sárr, sárt, sárr, ſárom, ſara, ſára, ſarom, ſart, ſarir, ſárar, ſaraſtr, ſaran


Anon Mv III 28VII, l. 5: sektsár ‘guilt-sore’
Anon Pét 6VII, l. 2: sármeiddu ‘sorely injured’
SnSt Ht 51III, l. 6: vígsára ‘the battle-wounded’

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