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2. sár (noun n.)

ONP (prose citations):79726238
SkP: 81127911 (prose):4841392394

forms: sárk, sôrum, Sár nom n, Sárum, sáranna, sári dat n sg, sárinu dat n sg, sárið n sg, sárs, sársins, sárunum, sör, sarum, sor, sꜳr, sr, sáre, sar, sarit, sarom, sárom, srum, särumm, sárin acc n pl, sari, sarvm, sór, sꜳri, sr, sarin, sr, sars, Sar, sárit, sare, sꜳra, sara, saar, sꜳre, sôr, sára, sárum, sár, ſár, sǫr


Anon Heil 3VII, l. 1: heilasárið ‘the brain-wound’
Anon Mey 31VII, l. 6: sárkennandi ‘pain-enduring’
Anon Mv III 18VII, l. 7: sakasár ‘guilt-wound’
Anon Óldr 8I, l. 2: sárlóms ‘of the wound-loon’
Anon Pét 43VII, l. 1: Sárfeinginn ‘the pain-stricken’
ESk Sigdr II 1II, l. 2: sárflóðs ‘of the wound-flood’
Eskál Vell 2I, l. 2: bergsára ‘of the rock’
Eskál Lv 2aI, l. 6: sárlinns ‘of the wound-snake’
Eskál Lv 3I, l. 4: sárelda ‘of wound-fires’
Anon Lil 5VII, l. 3: síðusári ‘the wound’
Eyv Hák 7I, l. 5: sárgymir ‘The wound-sea’
Gamlkan Has 46VII, l. 2: sárklungrs ‘of the wound-thorn’
Ív Sig 39II, l. 3: sárgǫgl ‘Wound-goslings’
Kolli Ingdr 3II, l. 4: sárísa ‘wound-icicles’
Ník Jóndr 1VII, l. 8: sárvæginn ‘merciful to sin[ners]’
RvHbreiðm Hl 62III, l. 2: sármútari ‘wound-hawk’
RvHbreiðm Hl 66III, l. 8: sárvǫrðr ‘the wound-guardian’
Sigv ErfÓl 20I, l. 6: sárelds ‘of the wound-fire’
Skúli Svǫlðr 2III, l. 8: sárlauk ‘wound-leek’
Sturl Hryn 9II, l. 6: höfuðsára ‘from the head-wounds’
ÞKolb Eirdr 3I, l. 8: sárgamms ‘of the wound-vulture’
Hjþ Lv 4VIII (HjǪ 7), l. 5: sárloga ‘the wound-flame’

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