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Prose works relevant to the database

Grettis saga Ásmundarsonar (Gr)

Skaldic vol. 5; ed. Jonathan Grove

verse introduction manuscripts contents place names

mss from ONP, skaldic databases, and FASNL:
AM 150 folx (150x) 1r-96v; 1r-96r  image  edit
AM 151 folx (151x) 1r-59v; 1r-60r  image  edit
AM 152 fol (152) 1ra-49va  image  edit
AM 152 1-2 fol 1r-49v  edit
AM 153 folx (153x) 44r-72v  image  edit
AM 163 a folx 12r-15v  image  edit
AM 163 b folx (163bx) 1r-22v  image  edit
AM 426 folx (426x) 80r-129v  image  edit
AM 455 folx 1r-444v  image  edit
AM 476 4°x 1r-254v  edit
AM 477 4°x 13r-72r  edit
AM 478 4°x 1r-85v  image  edit
AM 479 4°x 1r-98v  image  edit
AM 480 4°x 11r-93v; 1r-93v  edit
AM 551 a 4° (551a) 7v-53r  image  edit
AM 556 a 4° (556a) 5r-52r  image  edit
AM 558 c 4°x 1r-68v  image  edit
AM 571 4° (571) 7r-12v  image  edit
AM 738 4°x (738x) 130r-132r  image  edit
AM 939 4°x 1r-79v  image  edit
AM 946 i 4°x 1r-252v  edit
AM 946 h 4°x 1r-87v  edit
AM 1020 4°x 1r-19v  edit
BergenUB 1491x (x) 136r-220r  edit
DG 10 (DG10) 1r-55v  image  edit
Engestr B III 1 19x (Engestr19x) 19r-20v  edit
GKS 1002 fol (1002) 27v-60v  image  edit
GKS 1002-1003 folx -  edit
GKS 1019 folx (x) 284r-447v  edit
Holm papp 15 folx (papp15 folx) 1r-163v  edit
Holm papp 67 folx (papp67x) 91r-91r  edit
Holm papp 98 folx 407r-646r; 838r-859v  edit
Holm papp 6 4°x (papp6x) 265r-351v  image  edit
Holm papp 27 4°x 1r-82v  edit
ÍB 45 folx (ÍB45x) 42r-79v  image  edit
ÍB 52 folx (ÍB52x) 101r-150v  image  edit
ÍB 169 4°x (169x) 50r-58r  image  edit
Jón Samsonarson 5 4tox (x) 41r-82r  edit
Kall 611 4°x (x) 1r-64v  edit
KG 36 IV ax -  edit
Lbs 203 folx 193r-237v  edit
Lbs 205 folx -  edit
Lbs 633 folx 91r-167r  edit
Lbs 675 folx 1r-67r  image  edit
Lbs 438 4°x 37r-54r  edit
Lbs 1483 4°x 1r-173r  image  edit
Lbs 2329 4°x (2329x) 255r-417r  image  edit
Lbs 2452 4°x 53r-175v  image  edit
Lbs 5157 4°x -  image  edit
NKS 1147 fol (1147) -; 1r-12va  edit
NKS 1685 b 4tox (1685bx) 103r-106v  edit
NKS 1693 4°x 188r-212v  edit
NKS 1714 4°x (1714x) -  edit
Rostock 78x (x) 201r-359r  edit
Thott 984 I-III folx (984x) 716r-823v  edit
Thott 1776 4°x (x) 19r-33; 1r-89r  edit
Thott 1776 I 4°x (1776 Ix) -  edit
UppsUB Ihre 77x (x) 19ra-22rb  edit
UppsUB R 688x (R688x) -  edit
UppsUB R 689x (R689x) -  edit
UppsUB R 690x (R690x) 1r-80v  image  edit
UppsUB R 698x (R698x) 53r-106v  image  edit

mss referred to in stanzas/text:  AM 104 folx; AM 105 folx; AM 106 folx; AM 107 folx; AM 132 fol; AM 142 folx; AM 150 folx; AM 151 folx; AM 152 fol; AM 153 folx; AM 242 fol; AM 371 4°; AM 478 4°x; AM 551 a 4°; AM 556 a 4°; AM 558 c 4°x; AM 566 b 4°x; AM 571 4°; AM 748 I b 4°; AM 748 II 4°; DG 10; DG 11; GKS 1002 fol; GKS 2367 4°; Holm papp 15 folx; Holm papp 6 4°x; Holm papp 27 4°x; ÍB 169 4°x; Lbs 675 folx; Thott 1768 4°x; Traj 1374x; UppsUB R 698x;

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